Greetings Virtual Voyagers and welcome to the Figure 8 Tracker, created by the folks at Follow My Challenge and based on weather data from Windy

On the chart below, you will be able to follow Moli (known by all as Mo) and me as we progress around the world. During the voyage, vessel position, course, and speed will be automatically updated once-per-hour from an Iridium GO! satellite device located in Mo’s pilot house.

Additional information, including wind speed and direction, wave heights, temperature, cloud cover, and pressure can be overlayed onto the chart by clicking on the Windy “Menu” button, and you can zoom in to see my local conditions or out to see how the ocean as a whole is behaving. You can also zoom forward in time to get a sense of what’s coming.

For the Figure 8 Voyage 2.0 that began in October of 2018, I’ve included two additional items. One is a faint white line you’ll see starting from and returning to San Francisco. This is Mo’s actual circumnavigation track over the course of the first Figure 8 Voyage attempt (October 2017 to June 2018).

I’ve also included two small icons, two “buoys,” on this track at the locations where Mo got into trouble. The first buoy is located just west of Cape Horn; this is where a knockdown put both self-steering devices out of order. And the second is located halfway between Africa and Australia, where a knockdown broke a window in Mo pilot house and drowned most of her electronics. If you click on the buoys, you’ll get a pop-up window showing exact dates and positions of both these incidents and links to the blog articles describing them.

My thanks to Tedde at Follow My Challenge for these two customizations.

Happy Voyaging,


Click here to open the tracker in full screen.