The Route

The Figure 8 Chart wleg numbers

The Figure 8 Voyage is designed to put my boat and me in the globe’s extreme northern and southern waters at the most advantageous time of the year, at the height of each hemisphere’s respective summer.

Departing from my home port of San Francisco in the fall of 2017, I will shape a course south through the Pacific Ocean to Cape Horn and make a west-to-east circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent during the southern summer (northern winter).

Upon returning to Cape Horn, I will head up the Atlantic side of the Americas to Baffin Bay, crossing the Arctic Circle at 65.5 degrees north, thereby entering the famed Northwest Passage from the east at the height of northern summer.

From here I will transit west through the many ice-choked passages above Canada and Alaska, entering the Pacific through the Bering Straits and returning to homeport in the fall of 2018.