Aboard RAVEN

Aboard RAVEN after long, beautiful day in the air and airports. See tweets for some photos of travel.

Near disaster when I took the wrong train to San Francisco International, an error not realized until I was at the bitter end of the line. Note to self: don’t doze, even it if is 5AM. Ran with my 40 pounds of toot to a cab. Made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Other crew member has missed his flight altogether, so we are delayed by two hours in our departure this evening. 
We head out at 8PM for Bull Harbor, north and west by 20 miles, there to spend a short night at anchor and then up well before daybreak to hoof it on slack out around Cape Scott. We’re eager to get below this promontory before strong SE winds develop on Thursday. Winter Harbor is the goal by tomorrow night. That will be a long, 60 mile day.
Kurt has made dinner of cheese fajitas; have had a beer. We’ve studied charts; I’ve got a tour of the boat. Excited to get underway.
Departure also means the end of WIFI. It’s most likely that further transmissions will be via the boat’s primitive SAILMAIL account and maybe not for a day or two.
More as it happens. 

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