Anchor Down, Drakes Bay

Sept 30
Hanalei Bay to San Francisco
Day 20

Anchor Down, Drakes Bay, Point Reyes National Seashore

POS: 37.59.77N by 122.58.51W
Time: 0930
Miles since last noon: 138
Total miles of passage: 2889
Avg. Miles per Day: 144

I know, it’s not quite San Francisco.

Drakes Bay is 25 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, a sweeping crescent defined by the massif that is the point of Point Reyes and the peninsula the joins it to the the mainland.

It is so named because Sir Francis Drake is thought to have careened his Golden Hind in the sprawling estero behind Limantour Spit at the bay’s north end.

I like ending cruises here. The seashore is vast and undeveloped with Doug Fir-forested mountains and limestone cliffs within view of the boat. And though the anchorage is protected and beach access easy, one usually anchors alone.

Before taking on the bright lights of the big city, it’s good to stop here for a beer and to get cleaned up. That final dash can always wait one more day.

For me it’s a tradition. Also a tradition is Joanna’s visit. She’s on her way now with snacks and champagne. Can hardly wait to see my lovely wife.

Tomorrow, the final few miles…


8 Comments on “Anchor Down, Drakes Bay

  1. congratulations on a safe voyage. Drakes Bay was our landfall in 2010 and wish I could have stayed longer than the one night. Looked like a great place to explore.

    • Hey Tony, Drakes Bay and the Point Reyes National Seashore is a super area to explore. Gobs of hiking trails, five or six back pack only camp sites, and incredible diversity of flora, fauna, and terrain–open grasslands to old growth doug fir and bishop pine forests. And it still shocks me that this 30 square mile stretch of undeveloped land is an hour and a half north of bright lights big city. Hope all’s well with you two.

  2. Well done Randall! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I’m going to miss your daily messages…..

    • Thanks Gerhard, really appreciate your following along. I’ll try to keep the posts coming during this next year and before the Figure 8 commences next fall.

  3. Congratulations Randall, loved the blog posts. We passed drakes last week on our way into the bay, I love that anchorage. Look forward to catching up in the bay!

    • Hey Todd. Welcome home. Looking forward to hearing about your passage down the coast. BTW, I’ve never sailed a Norseman (hint). 🙂

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