Baking Fresh Bread on a Voyaging Boat

March 31, 2018

Hobart, Tasmania

One can fret over (and clean up after) a knockdown for only so long before life insists on returning to normal, even in the Southern Ocean. It’s March 8 in the following video. I’ve got 1,513 miles between me and Hobart, and I’m hungry for fresh-baked bread. The weather is stable and warm here at 44S…so have at…

8 Comments on “Baking Fresh Bread on a Voyaging Boat

  1. It’s so funny just yesterday I looked up your bread recipe and printed it out. I was going to make it but I have to go to the store I didn’t prep ahead like you.

  2. Omg – Randall, I absolutely LOVE this baking video. Looks like balance is a trick sometimes! One of my favorite parts is the flour that made its way to your hat — perfect! We miss you and follow you daily. We wish smooth voyages ahead for you! S&S

  3. Scrumptious bread with thick butter and sweet blackberry jam ! Yumm !!!

  4. The fragrance wafting, the oven warming the cabin, and the anticipation. The trifecta of bread baking.

  5. Hi Randall, I’ve been following your progress daily here in Oregon. I love all of your video’s. Question, are you still in Hobart or is the Tracker for Moli not working properly?

  6. This is a video where I actually understand most of the technical content. Because it’s about food not sailing! An excellent video, Randall.

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