Water in the Engine–Video

April 2, 2018

Hobart, Tasmania

It’s March 13. We’re a week from Hobart–if I can keep Mo moving. But at latitude 44S, we’re encountering light winds. I decide to motor, but five minutes after I start the engine, it dies.

Great, what now? …

(Spoiler: my sincerest thanks to Gerd Marggraff for helping me get the engine going again. I read all the pertinent parts of my Calder book, but Gerd’s experience and expertize turned out to be the more valuable.)


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  1. Surely not all the water coming in the window stayed in the boat – maybe the key “drained” out the window??? Hope you get a new key made in Hobart and sail away with a spare! Your teeth looked fine. Enjoy your land time!

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