Climbing to Meet SOLACE


Date: Sept 19
Time 1330
POS 38.48.86N by 155.35.88W
Course/Speed: NW 6 – 7 knots
Wind: WSW15-20

I’ve just come about and am on a beat to meet SOLACE, whose noon position was about 10 miles N of me on a slow NW heading. I’m trying to get upwind.

SOLACE is the yacht that departed Hanalei nine days ago and at the same time as MOLI.

Two days out their autopilot stopped functioning, reports owner, Steve, and so he and crew of two others have been doing 2-on 4-off hand-steering watches.

All was well until a couple days ago his steering failed. Steve says the quadrant cable parted. He’s rigged the emergency tiller and has been working on a permanent fix since then.

We’ve been communicating multiple times a day via the DELORME InReach.

Steve and I quickly parted company out of Hanalei. I suspect his boat is a tad faster in the light airs that have been ours for the taking. Also, we chose different routes, he getting a head start with his easting.

Mo and I have quickly made up ground, however.

It doesn’t appear that Steve or crew need assistance. He has the materials to effect repair. I’m just stopping by to lend moral support. I am in the neighborhood, after all.

Now to see if two specs on the ocean can actual find each other…

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