Day Ninety in the Roaring Forties

February 28, 2019

Day 147

Noon Position: 46 44S  138 22W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): Up/Down and Sideways…

Wind(t/tws): SW to NW 9

Sea(t/ft): W 2

Sky: Overcast

10ths Cloud Cover: 8

Bar(mb): 1025

Cabin Temp(f): 64

Water Temp(f): 53

Relative Humidity(%): 59

Sail: Twin headsails poled out

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 88

Miles since departure: 20,205

Avg. Miles/Day: 137

Days since Cape Horn: 90

Miles since Cape Horn: 12,564

Avg. Miles/Day: 140

Longitude Degrees Made Good (degrees minutes): 2 09

Total Longitude Made Good Since Cape Horn (degrees minutes): 290 11

Avg. Long./Day: 3.22

Day ninety in the Roaring Forties demonstrates that the forties do not roar every day.

Overnight we were becalmed. When the WHAP WHAP of the main is continual and invading one’s dream, then it’s time to put the dear out of her misery. I lowered sail at 3am. We drifted until dawn.

The variability of wind direction this morning has been stunning. I set the poles early, when the wind suggested it might be from the west for a time. And then I let Mo go her own way–dead downwind–whatever that might be–until noon. This photo of the chart plotter tells the tale.

The calm gave me a chance to shoot a short video report, the first in quite a while…

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  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing and putting us there with you. Great to hear your voice again.

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