From Upernavik

July 26

Upernivik, Greenland.

Writing from a kitchen in a small house on the side of the hill overlooking the harbor. Owned by Gina, a landlady to passersby, mainly oilmen, scientists, and some cruisers. We’ve rented a shower and a squeeze of internet, both precious commodities in the high arctic villages.

Fuel, water, shopping for last fresh items (carrots, potatoes, bread). Long walks above 72 degrees north at 2AM, where the sun never even pretends to set and kids play football all night.

Ice reports show Lancaster is clear and Pond is *trying* to clear. There’s a hook of fast ice in the corner. So we depart west tonight for a three day leap back to the Canadian Arctic and we *hope* Pond clears in route.

Or maybe we jaunt up the coast to Karlshaven while we wait…

It’s an active conversation even at this moment.

Photos of the passage from Aasiaat to Upernivik, some 350 miles of northing, and then a few of the town.

The rest will have to wait a more relaxing stopover.

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