Sure, it’s a nice town, but it became fabulous when my wife arrived on Friday afternoon. Her flight through Philadelphia canceled; the resulting connection grounded her in Dallas. That she came trundling out the gate of Stanfield International at roughly the right time proved a stroke of luck; that she pushed before her two large bags of spares for Moli and a bubble-wrapped Monitor frame was nothing short of miraculous.

Jo and Randall. First meeting after eight months apart.

The previous day, I moved Mo to a private mooring kindly offered by Ben Garvey of Purcell’s Cove.

Mo on a mooring at Purcell’s Cove.
The new Monitor frame comes aboard. Many thanks to Mike Scheck and the team at Scanmar International.

All that trouble to get here, all that trouble to connect with a husband unseen since last October, and still, she let our first day together be a run to Costco for provisions. “The course of true love never did run so smooth.”

I tried to be conservative. Then we hit the cookie aisle.

With that work done, we retired to the coast for a hike and into town for dinner.

Along the coast near Herring Cove.

Dinner with new friends Sebastian and Rhiannon.
A display at the Halifax Maritime Museum. On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in Halifax Harbor. One, the Mont Blanc, carried a hold full of munitions. She caught fire and later exploded in a blast that flattened the town and killed thousands. This and the next photo are fragments of the Mont Blanc found miles from the scene.
An overhung trail around Long Lake.
Park bench along Long Lake trail. Some Halifax residents are more colorful than others.
In the public gardens of central Halifax.
Victoria Jubilee Fountain.
Dingle Tower from the other side of the Northwest Arm.
Final morning stroll.

Jo departed for home today, and I spent the afternoon loading provisions onto Mo.

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  1. Mom got all teary-eyed and said “Isn’t it just luvverly!” We chaps thought the Costco run just terrific – all that kibble!

  2. Glad everything went smoothly for you in Halifax. Fair winds an Following seas.

  3. Boom Boom Balicious! Sounds like a good name for [something]!!! Go team Mo!!!💪🏼

  4. I did not see a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano in that provisioning photo. What gives? Do you have something against cheese or why you dare do such an epic voyage without crucial provisions?

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