Halifax Departure

Eight months following wind and sea succeeded by one month tethered ashore. Neither seems real; in both cases, time has flown. This morning, Mo tugs gently at her anchor. She is happy enough here, as am I, but she knows we must move on. Much has been accomplished but not yet the goal. The whole of the north lies between us and a return.

As is the case wherever Mo touches, here we have been the recipients of much kindness. Tony and Connie, Wayne, Rob, Sebastiaan and Rhiannon, Ben, Rich, John, Sandy and Hagen are just a few of those who have helped to ready us for the next leg.

In fact, Mo was ready yesterday, but her skipper was not. He chose to dally, futzing with this and that bit of stowage, and in the evening and after the rain ended, taking one last, long stroll to see the town and her fireworks.

The dingy will come aboard after this note. And then we will be on our way to St John’s, on our way to the rest of the story…

Canada Day fireworks from a central Halifax neighborhood.
Quite a show and something one would never see in urban California.

10 Comments on “Halifax Departure

  1. Fair Winds, warm air and little ice! (except when you feel like anchoring behind a growler)

  2. Enjoy the fireworks, let’s hope you have no need for any more pyrotechnics 😉

  3. Fair winds and following seas on the next leg from Milwaukee, WI USA.

  4. Fair winds Randall! I am happy to see you and Mo back underway.

  5. Safe travels! Know that there are people praying for you!

  6. Remember when entering a port with friendly intentions to discharge your cannon. This eases tensions as with a one man crew reloading the 18 pounders takes time and your hosts can be comfortable you are not going to launch a sneak attack.

  7. Safe travels from Utqiaġvik AK – An invitation to join us for good food & mediocre company awaits you at Point Barrow!

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