Launch Day in Homer …


… Finally arrived.

I’d been both desiring and dreading it, dreading because it seemed the opportunities for error were great while no single error would be of small consequence.

And because a friend of mine sent, the night before, a video demonstrating the results of one specific error.


I shared the video with the launch crew, Todd (in red) and Randy (in gray). Their expressions suggested it was bad luck to show disaster footage to guys who knew full well what disaster looked like and who we’re working hard to forestall what they couldn’t absolutely guarantee against.

As it turned out, they launched Gjoa with great care, and the operation went off flawlessly.

I’m ready just 20 minutes before the crew arrives.

Todd and Randy setting up the trailer. The sliding bunkers have to come all the way out and then be repositioned once the open end of the trailer is by the keel.

Randy signals the trailer astern.

Repositioning the bunker under the keel.

And so Gjoa departs for…

…the airstrip, of all things. Using Homer’s Municiple Airport is the only way for tall boats to avoid the power lines (18 feet high) on the main road in town.

“Flight 142 H-E-A-V-Y cleared for take off. Wind 27 at 10. Caution, white turbulence; a reef suggested, and do avoid the bald eagles.”

On Homer Spit Road. Not another power line until Seattle.

Turning into the small boat harbor.

The ramp looks much steeper when you own the boat.

Getting ready to let go the forward straps.

The question now is can we get the trailer in deep enough to float the boat without putting the truck in the water too. Josh, from the boat yard office, came by to lend a hand.

As it was, she slid right off at just the right moment. And that was that!


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  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, after seeing that series of photos.

  2. Glad everything went according to plan. Exciting day.

    • Thanks Brad! It was indeed. A relief for sure. Hope all’s well with you. Appreciate the comment.

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