Preparing for a Bash


Sept 26
Hanalei Bay to San Francisco
Day 16

Noon HST position: 42.48.56N by 134.14.24W
Miles since last noon: 157
Total miles of passage: 2255
Avg. Miles per Day: 141
Course: ENE, then E
Sail: Twins poled overnight. Close hauled, triple reefed next day
Speed: 6
Wind: SW15 to N20 -28
Sky: Overcast, some rain (Pacific Northwest sky)
Bar: 1019
Air Temperature: 70 degrees
Sea Temperature: 64 degrees

Up at five to find Mo heading SE. The wind had shifted into the N overnight, as per forecast. I let us run until first light and then slowly wound up sails, took in the poles and got Mo ready for several days of reaching.

Winds should be 20 – 25 from the N, then NE, then ENE and finally back to N-ish over the next two to three days. Not ideal for a boat that wants to go E and SE.

It appears our cruise will end with a bash.

While this high settles in, my goal is to 1) carry true wind on the beam and keep apparent wind below 60 degrees off port. 2) to somehow keep from getting pushed below 40N until the wind comes back into the N. Those may be tall orders.

Currently am triple reefed in both main and jib in winds that have increased to 28 just as the sun set. (Of course!)

I’ve also taken the opportunity of some wind and a very wet foredeck to practice-set the storm jib. Good thing as I’d stowed it in a way that made it extremely awkward to get at the tack and hanks. I flew it in 20 knots, and now that we’re touching 30, I wish I’d left it up.

Handel is still with us.

Several days ago he moved his quarters from inside a cockpit cubby to the vang clutch on the starboard clutch assembly.

This was an unfortunate choice as it is outboard of the cockpit, quite windy, and thus cold, and was often washed by waves. I’d not seen him for several days and thought him overboard.

Still, I tried to leave the vang clutch unused as long as I could on the off chance … but today it had to come into action.

Luckily Handel was out and inspecting his estate when I needed to begin work there, and I was able to move him to a protected spot underneath the dodger.

In typical fashion, Handel was unhappy with my safe-as-houses location, and has since wandered into the hatch slide pocket. So, again, I have to live in fear that moving the hatch will crush him.

So it goes with Handel.


Handel is still with us and now living in the hatch slide pocket.

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