Randall Blue Giveaway!

Note from Joanna:

Hey folks. We’ve got a fun giveaway for all of you. If you’ll remember, a dear friend and supporter of the Figure 8 Voyage asked if he could name his ink after Randall and his journey. You can read about this amazing ink and the story of why it inspired the name of Randall Blue here.

Here’s where things get fun!

If you’d like some Randall ink, Nick is giving away 4 bottles together with signed original artwork to 4 lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is like the Figure 8 Voyage Facebook page and leave the words ‘Good Luck Randall!’ in the comments section below. We will announce the winners here on Monday 15th July 2019.

27 Comments on “Randall Blue Giveaway!

  1. Mom says: “Hahaha! Already ahead of the game and write in my journal with Randall Ink. And the portrait, wow! that’s great!” But I am just a little chap and never learned how to get my paws around a claws!

  2. Very nice art! And I’ll wish you good luck again today: Good luck Randall. Glad to see you’re posting again, we missed it while you weren’t.

  3. love you Randall, but please remember when you have a Facebook only anything you automatically shut out anyone who is not on Facebook. think about it.

  4. Not on Facebook, so must forego the drawing, but wishing you godspeed all the same!

  5. Good luck Randall!
    You’re an inspiration and I love following your adventure!

  6. I want to thank you for the instructive, funny and adventurous updates. Have been following you since day one of Figure Eight one and am looking forward to the last part. I was wandering if you have a backup plan in case your boat get’s frozen into the ice. Do you have enough food onboard to ‘do a Shackleton’ this winter? Or is this not really a risk due to the global warming? And yes send me some ink! Good luck Randall!!!!

  7. Good Luck Randall! Have enjoyed following you daily from the first attempt, and passing each post to my dad who is 99 yrs in July. Looking forward to the rest of the voyage!

  8. Good luck Randall! Your voyage has been inspiring. Best of luck with the NW Passage! Maybe we’ll pass each other in Alaska

  9. Good luck Randall! Many of us who are landlocked believe in what you are doing! Go for it! And know that we are praying for you was well!

  10. Good luck, Randall! Very excited to follow the next leg of your voyage. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come with Moli since we last saw each other in Port Townsend in 2016. Very inspiring!

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