Date: Dec 13, 2018

Position: 1800 hours 45 34S  26 53W

Course: WNW 7 and 8

Wind: SW 25 – 30

Busy night coming on so brief note. As you can see, I’m headed backwards. This is an attempt to slingshot around the back side of this low as it passes over us. Wind has only now started to accelerate and looks to be steady in the 30s over night. Sharp, lumpy sea and a cross swell I can’t figure out. Starting to get dark.

As regards “backwards” I like to think this is something like using a close pass by Mars as a way of getting up some speed for the trip to Jupiter.

Let’s hope that works out.

2 Comments on “Slingshot

  1. So THATs why the tracker was stalled! But now you’re sailing SW! Must be something pretty scary out there! Take care.

  2. Good luck Randall! Looking forward to your update when you come out the other side!

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