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  1. Lovely to chat with you just now as I sip coffee. I’m preparing for a journey, a self-supported bike ride down the coast with my uncle. Of course ours is not as ambitious an undertaking, but I think of you and Moli as I tune the bikes. We’ll be pedaling along the coast much of the way, looking out over the ocean.

  2. Your video was fantastic! What a miracle of communication that we can see and hear you from so remote a location. I read your blog everyday and plot your position on Google Earth and a paper chart so I can see exactly where you are. Thank you for including us on your adventure.
    Best Regards, Chuck

  3. Hi Randall, this is Fred, Lavonna’s friend from Saudi. Love your videos……I’ll be watching regularly to learn more about sailing as we have bought a used Beneteau 381 and are looking forward to sailing it this summer near Halifax. As soon as we get it I’ll be pretty much taking it apart to inspect, clean, learn, and repair/improve. Stay well!

  4. Oh my gosh, Randall. Schubert and I are enjoying coffee in the warmth of our bed, looking out at the Bay, as we read your post & watch your video. Still can’t believe you’re about to round Cape Horn for the SECOND time! Keep up the good work, my friend. We eagerly await your successful return to SF. Cheers 🙂

  5. Hi Randall, Enjoyed your video and very happy to see you and the boat are both healthy. Stay safe and we’ll be watching you!

  6. Lot’s of water out there… I’m prepping our boat in Whangarei for a short hop up to Vanuatu in May. I enjoy your postings and wanted to send you good cheer. Never surrender! Best, Dean

  7. Love the video! I have really enjoyed the podcasts you have done with Rutherford and some one else I forget . What an incredible voyage!

  8. But Randall, you sound so close! Amazing video. I hope you get to dry out soon.

  9. Great video Randall, I check your position with your posts and have enjoyed listening to your podcast interviews with Matt Rutherford. Loved the last conversation with Monty. A epic voyage that we are allowed to share with you. Thanks!

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