October 10, 2019 Drakes BayAnchor down 1300 local, 2200 gmt Days at Sea: 306Days Since Departure: 375Total Miles: 38,978 Slowly the gale releases its grip. Overnight and as I sleep the wind comes down; the sea relaxes. By dawn Mo makes 5 knots under jib alone on a gentle undulation I can barely perceive, Read More

October 9, 2019 Days at Sea: 305Days Since Departure: 373 Noon Position: 38 59N  125 37WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SExE 7 – 8Wind(t/tws): N 35Sea(t/ft): N 10 – 14Sky/10ths Cover: Clear 0Bar(mb): 1019+, falling slowlyOn-deck Temp(f): 64Cabin Temp(f): 66Water Temp(f): 60Relative Humidity(%): 68Magnetic Variation: 14.0 Sail: Working headsail 2/3rds or more rolle up. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good, Read More

October 7, 2019 Days at Sea: 303Days Since Departure: 311 Noon Position: 43 17N  127 55WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SExS 6Wind(t/tws): W 15Sea(t/ft): NW 3Sky/10ths Cover: Clear 0Bar(mb): 1022, steadyOn-deck Temp(f): 70Cabin Temp(f): 72Water Temp(f): 63Relative Humidity(%): 71Magnetic Variation: 15.2 Sail: Main to port; working jib poled to starboard, broad reach. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 103Miles, Read More

Hello, awesome followers of The Figure 8 Voyage.Here are the final details for the return celebration for the event. A couple of things to note first:1. If you’re working with our PR team please ignore these instructions as you’re getting special instructions from Heather. You know who you are. :)2. If you know others, Read More

October 6, 2019 Days at Sea: 302Days Since Departure: 370 Noon Position: 44 48N  129 03WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): 0Wind(t/tws): Variable <5Sea(t/ft): S4 W2Sky/10ths Cover: Clear 0Bar(mb): 1026+On-deck Temp(f): 78Cabin Temp(f): 73Water Temp(f): 63Relative Humidity(%): 67Magnetic Variation: 15.6 Sail: Sail down. Drifting. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 81Miles since departure: 38,458 Overnight the breeze stayed just strong, Read More

October 5, 2019 Days at Sea: 301Days Since Departure: 369 Noon Position: 45 53N  130 56WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): E 6Wind(t/tws): SExS 10+Sea(t/ft): SE 3Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast (but no rain) 10Bar(mb): 1027, rising slowlyOn-deck Temp(f): 66Cabin Temp(f): 70Water Temp(f): 62Relative Humidity(%): 73Magnetic Variation: 15.7 Sail: Main and working jib, one reef (no need for speed in this, Read More

October 4, 2019 Days at Sea: 300Days Since Departure: 369 Noon Position: 45 14N  133 55WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ESE 6-7Wind(t/tws): S 15+Sea(t/ft): S4, NW4Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast 10Bar(mb): 1021On-deck Temp(f): 65Cabin Temp(f): 67Water Temp(f): 62Relative Humidity(%): 68Magnetic Variation: 15.8 Sail: Double reefed main and jib. Nice easy close reach. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 131Miles since departure:, Read More

October 2, 2019 Days at Sea: 298Days Since Departure: 367 Noon Position: 47 12N  140 03WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ESE 7Wind(t/tws): WNW 20+Sea(t/ft): W 10Sky/10ths Cover: Cumulus tending toward squalls  5Bar(mb): 1022, steadyOn-deck Temp(f): 62Cabin Temp(f): 67Water Temp(f): 60Relative Humidity(%): 63Magnetic Variation: 15.7 Sail: Twins poled out, 3 reefs Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 160Miles since departure:, Read More

October 1, 2019 Days at Sea: 297Days Since Departure: 366 Noon Position: 48 29N  143 35WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ESE 8Wind(t/tws): W 25+Sea(t/ft): W 8 – 10Sky/10ths Cover: Cumulus/squalls 4Bar(mb): 1019On-deck Temp(f): 59Cabin Temp(f): 66Water Temp(f): 58Relative Humidity(%): 66Magnetic Variation: 15.4 Sail: Triple reef in main, out to port, triple reef in working headsail poled to starboard., Read More

September 30, 2019 Days at Sea: 296Days Since Departure: 365 Noon Position: 50 21N  146 46WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SExS 7Wind(t/tws): W 15Sea(t/ft): S4 W3Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast (i.e. not foggy, not raining) 10Bar(mb): 1011+, rising slowlyOn-deck Temp(f): 63Cabin Temp(f): 67Water Temp(f): 56Relative Humidity(%): 75Magnetic Variation: 15.1 Sail: Working jib full, main one reef, broad reach Noon-to-Noon Miles, Read More

September 29, 2019 Days at Sea: 295Days Since Departure: 364 Noon Position: 51 41N  148 59WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ESE 5Wind(t/tws): S 20Sea(t/ft): SE 7Sky/10ths Cover: Rain Fog 10Bar(mb): 1016+On-deck Temp(f): 60Cabin Temp(f): 64Water Temp(f): 54Relative Humidity(%): 75Magnetic Variation: 14.9 Sail: Main and working jib, two reefs, close reaching. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 138Miles since departure:, Read More

September 28, 2019 Days at Sea: 294Days Since Departure: 363 Noon Position: 52 06N  152 38WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxE 6Wind(t/tws): S 20+Sea(t/ft): S5Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast, drizzle 10Bar(mb): 1023+On-deck Temp(f): 59Cabin Temp(f): 63Water Temp(f): 54Relative Humidity(%): 73 (wet inside)Magnetic Variation: 13.7 Sail: Main and working jib, two reefs, close reaching Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 125Miles since, Read More

September 27, 2019 Days at Sea: 283Days Since Departure: 362 Noon Position: 52 31N  155 58WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxW 6 – 7Wind(t/tws): ESE 25+Sea(t/ft): SE 8-10Sky/10ths Cover: Rain, Drizzle, Fog 10Bar(mb): 1022, fallingOn-deck Temp(f): ?Cabin Temp(f): 57Water Temp(f): 52Relative Humidity(%): 71Magnetic Variation: 12.7 Sail: Three reefs in main and working jib, close reaching on port Noon-to-Noon, Read More

September 26, 2019 Days at Sea: 292Days Since Departure: 361 Noon Position: 53 19N  157 48WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 6Wind(t/tws): S 10Sea(t/ft): S 1Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast with low cum 10Bar(mb): 1031On-deck Temp(f): 57Cabin Temp(f): 66Water Temp(f): 53Relative Humidity(%): 49Magnetic Variation: 12.1 Sail: Main and big genoa, close hauled. Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 120Miles since departure:, Read More

September 24, 2019 Days at Sea: 290Days Since Departure: 359 Noon Position: 53 38N. 164 54WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 5Wind(t/tws): W 10Sea(t/ft): S 3Sky/10ths Cover: Clear 0Bar(mb): 1024, risingOn-deck Temp(f): 55Cabin Temp(f): 64Water Temp(f): 49Relative Humidity(%): 44Magnetic Variation: 9.9 Sail: Spinnaker poled port; working jib poled starboard Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 60 (since Dutch departure, Read More

September 23, 2019 Again, just passing through and quickly. One day to sit out the blow, which pushed hard through the Iluilui Harbor cut, turning the water white. Mo was snugged up behind a big crab boat and almost entirely out of the wind. Thus, my two bow lines, two stern lines and four, Read More

September 21, 2019Dutch Harbor, Alaska Landfall. It creates a quickening in the heart of a sailor, especially when that landfall is something as grand and striking as an Aleutian Island–tall, craggy, covered in cloud; verdant near the sea, black and snow-capped further on.  We had miles yet before us when the sun set into, Read More

September 20, 2019 Days at Sea: 289Days Since Departure: 355 Noon Position: 54 54N  166 48WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxE 7Wind(t/tws): NW 15Sea(t/ft): NW 2Sky/10ths Cover: Squalls and cumulus, rain in the squalls, 8Bar(mb): 1007, steadyOn-deck Temp(f): 56Cabin Temp(f): 65Water Temp(f): 49Relative Humidity(%): 61Magnetic Variation: 8.7 Sail: Main and big genoa out full. Broad reaching. Noon-to-Noon Miles, Read More

September 19, 2019 Days at Sea: 288Days Since Departure: 354 Noon Position: 57 24N  167 25WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxE 6Wind(t/tws): ENE 5+Sea(t/ft): E2, S4Sky/10ths Cover: Drizzle, 10Bar(mb): 1002+, steadyOn-deck Temp(f): 57Cabin Temp(f): 65Water Temp(f): 50Relative Humidity(%): 49Magnetic Variation: 8.4 Sail: Working jib and main; what there is of wind is on the beam.  Noon-to-Noon Miles Made, Read More

September 18, 2019 Days at Sea: 287Days Since Departure: 353 Noon Position: 59 45N  168 97WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxE 7Wind(t/tws): NE 18Sea(t/ft): NE 10+Sky/10ths Cover: Mostly clear; post-low cumulus astern. 3Bar(mb): 997On-deck Temp(f): ?Cabin Temp(f): 57Water Temp(f): 52Relative Humidity(%): 68Magnetic Variation: 8.1 Sail: All three sails flying. Wind on port quarter Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm):, Read More

September 17, 2019 Days at Sea: 286Days Since Departure: 352 Noon Position: 62 16N  167 36WCourse(t)/Speed(kts): SxW 7Wind(t/tws): ENE 30Sea(t/ft): ENE 10Sky/10ths Cover: Overcast 10Bar(mb): 1005, falling fast (995.5 by 8pm)On-deck Temp(f): N/A. thermometer broken.Cabin Temp(f): 54Water Temp(f): 48Relative Humidity(%): 58Magnetic Variation: 8.4 Sail: Working jib rolled up by half; broad reach. Noon-to-Noon Miles, Read More

September 16, 2019Nome, Alaska I was climbing down the pier ladder to the boat when I heard a hail. “You’ve been one-upped,” yelled a man standing over where Tecla had moored the previous night. “Not likely,” I replied before I could check myself. Tekla is an unusual vessel, a steel-hulled gaff ketch built in, Read More

September 15, 2019Nome, Alaska One thing singlehanding teaches is the beauty of uninterrupted sleep. Even if he wakes naturally a time or two on that first night, once in port, the sailor’s shedding of responsibility and an unmoving bed are the sweetest luxury. Next day to chores. The fuel truck was called and tanks, Read More