Night Arrival, Dutch Harbor

September 21, 2019
Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Landfall. It creates a quickening in the heart of a sailor, especially when that landfall is something as grand and striking as an Aleutian Island–tall, craggy, covered in cloud; verdant near the sea, black and snow-capped further on. 

We had miles yet before us when the sun set into cloud over Cape Cheerful, and darkness was complete by midnight when we had worked our way into brightly lit IliuIliu Harbor.

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  1. Yeah, Yippee, Hooray, and congratulations Randall, MO, and Monte!!!!! What gorgeous photos, nice WX on your approach which is always helpful, and you certainly deserve a rest and relaxations time! Getting close, Randall!!! Carry On! We are all here to watch and encourage you and how wonderful to share so much along the way..Thank you! Pam.

  2. Looking Good! WX coming and it’s a dousie. Looks like Thursday morning, NW 40 knots. Can you leave now? You could be 500 miles south by Thursday… Watching, hoping, and worrying.

    Howard and Stephie

  3. I’ve been following your progress for months now and just want to say, Thank you!

  4. Can you explain to a non-american the benefits of those tubes around the edge of the dock? Looks like a trip hazard, a slip hazard and a pain to get a mooring line fastened to all rolled into one.

    • Those are called “bull rails” and they are common in Canada and in Alaska but not typically the lower 48.

      While there is much debate and I am not a huge fan of them myself here is a list of reasons I have heard in the past.

      * Bull rails are stronger than cleats
      * Bull rails work for both small and 100’+ boats where multiple cleats would be needed
      * As docks are often icy they need a toe rail anyway so this is an easy way to accomplish both goals
      * It is a bit of a pain to clean snow and ice away from lots of cleats compared to bull rails.

      Note: I may not agree with those justifications personally but in Alaska they actually are more likely to save you from going off the side when you trip than causing you to trip. Most are made of square wood though.

      • Thanks Seagreg
        I suppose they go under the heading “Everything is a compromise” 🙂

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