Pound, Pound, Pound

September 29, 2019

Days at Sea: 295
Days Since Departure: 364

Noon Position: 51 41N  148 59W
Course(t)/Speed(kts): ESE 5
Wind(t/tws): S 20
Sea(t/ft): SE 7
Sky/10ths Cover: Rain Fog 10
Bar(mb): 1016+
On-deck Temp(f): 60
Cabin Temp(f): 64
Water Temp(f): 54
Relative Humidity(%): 75
Magnetic Variation: 14.9

Sail: Main and working jib, two reefs, close reaching.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 138
Miles since departure: 37,518

Rain and fog, drizzle and fog, or just fog. A strong and contrary wind. All we do is pound, pound, pound.

The boat crashes and bangs and shudders right down to her very soul. It makes one wonder about metal fatigue and the stability of welds in an old boat. Would I even have time to grab the EPIRB when they finally call it quits?

We’ve taken so much water over the bow that the bag holding the storm jib to the inner forestay finally flew apart. I looked forward at one point to see a bright orange drapery dragging in the water over the lee rail and was unsure immediately what it was. I’ve since lashed the sail to the rail three times only to have the constant beating of the sea loosen my lashings in a few hours. Thus the incentive, today, to sew the zipper on the sail bag back together and get it redeployed.

Previously, I have entertained a fantasy of sailing solo around the world in the wrong direction and against the wind–a feat only accomplished by a few hardy souls. But I believe these last days have cured me utterly of such an idea. I would go mad within a month.

Wind is finally coming out of its stubbornly held southern position. Slowly it veers into the W. By tomorrow this time it will be W 30, and we’ll be on rails right for San Francisco for several days.

About 1,400 miles remain of the Figure 8. And yet, they are such long miles…

9 Comments on “Pound, Pound, Pound

  1. Those adjustable hooks you have on your windpilot steering lines look really cool. Where can one find them?

  2. Keep your spirits up!!! No one said this last bit would be easy. I feel for you and MO. But remember “Nothing really good comes easy!”
    We are all there right with you. Mush on and with every mile you are closer to that welcoming GOLDEN GATE!!!!

  3. Stay strong! Easier said, I sense a real “difficult” time a head. I hope while the sense of accomplishments eventually set in. You I think may want to …somehow once again escape.

  4. Randall, your writing definitely keeps tempo with your adrenaline and excitement – all the moods come through with the words!! And they are contagious!

  5. We’re keeping a lookout for you… keep heading this a way, with or against the wind. See ya soon.

  6. Hey! You forgot to swing into Homer, where it really all began! Good Luck!
    Mike Stockburger
    Homer Boat Yard (Retired)

  7. Hang in there, Randall. We can’t wait to welcome you back through the Golden Gate!

  8. You have a ton of readers who are wishing that they could lighten your load at this very moment. The constant pounding can get into your head. We are sending best wishes and can’t wait to see you sail under the Golden Gate.

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