Lazy Days and Gulf of Alaska VIDEO

October 7, 2019

Days at Sea: 303
Days Since Departure: 311

Noon Position: 43 17N  127 55W
Course(t)/Speed(kts): SExS 6
Wind(t/tws): W 15
Sea(t/ft): NW 3
Sky/10ths Cover: Clear 0
Bar(mb): 1022, steady
On-deck Temp(f): 70
Cabin Temp(f): 72
Water Temp(f): 63
Relative Humidity(%): 71
Magnetic Variation: 15.2

Sail: Main to port; working jib poled to starboard, broad reach.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 103
Miles since departure: 38,561

Finally we are running right down hill. The days are warm; the breeze, gentle. The jet contrails, of which there were five at dawn, all stream by us on a parallel path, as if to confirm our course is a good one.

During the lazy afternoon I shot a video, likely the last one from sea. I hope you enjoy.

4 Comments on “Lazy Days and Gulf of Alaska VIDEO

  1. Looks like Nature is giving you a little break to help you catch up on sleep and chores before your re-entry to life on land. I can’t even imagine the mix of emotions you may be feeling right now, but I hope one of the major themes is pride at this massive, amazing achievement.

  2. Double triple quadruple marathon? I don’t think so buddy. At 38,561 miles that 1,471.8 marathons, and a few more to go. You put the ultra in ultra sail marathon.

  3. What a spectacular achievement, awe and amazement go to you for your courage, indomitable spirit and brilliant seamanship.

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