A Year Ago Today…

October 28, 2018

Day 24

Noon Position: 08 58S 132 16W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): SSE 6

Wind(t/tws): E 14

Sea(t/ft): E 4 -5 (finally swell is coming E. Whew. Easier ride.)

Sky: Light, puffy cumulus

10ths Cloud Cover: 2

Bar(mb): 1015+

Cabin Temp(f): 86

Water Temp(f): 81 (surprised at the continuing warm water)

Relative Humidity(%): 709

Sail: #2 genoa full, main one reef, close reach

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 150

Miles since departure: 3,131

Avg. Miles/Day: 130

Two Frigate birds followed Mo for a time today.

Frigates? Way out here?

Then I realized we are a mere 400 west of the Marquesas Islands, the most northern and eastern group in the French Polynesian archipelago, where also can be found Tahiti and Moorea, to name but two. Just think on it–within three days sail, we could be anchored off a sandy beach enjoying MaiTais at the …

No wait. It’s the Figure 8 Voyage. We must make southing. Always southing…

Today marks an intersting milestone. On this day a year ago, the first Figure 8 Voyage attempt commenced. Here more about that in this video from earlier in the afternoon…


6 Comments on “A Year Ago Today…

  1. Randall, Thank you for sharing the video. Love seeing what you’re seeing, doing and thinking about out there. I really like that you set up the video with a little bit of real work on the sextant and end it with a look at the sea state. It’s still amazing to me that you’re able to share such an intimate look so immediately with all of us.

  2. You are getting so pro at the video! Loved this one!

    You’re making me dizzy though – you are quite far West but NOT West of the Marquesas… I know what you meant to say but I had to check the tracker to make sure. The last time I did this was when you didn’t put the “S” after your latitude in the equatorial regions. No criticism intended here.

    I was just thinking how far you’ve traveled and how quickly the year will pass while things won’t change significantly on shore here. Such an enviable accomplishment.

    Good to see you taking such good care of that very special sextant – where the heck do you find ‘clock oil’!? Aloha, Mary

  3. Thank you for sharing this challenge and adventure. The views outward of the surrounding conditions are an arm chair sailors envy. I look forward to your updates on a daily basis. Good luck and Godspeed .

  4. Your 10/28/18 video was superb. The audio and video were clear as a bell and it was like I was in the boat with you. What a terrific adventure you are on! I’m going online now to buy a map of the oceans you will traverse and plot your position as you make your way around the Figure 8.
    Envious of your accomplishment, Chuck

  5. Wow, Wow, WOW! What a treat to be aboard MO right there with you!! Thank you, Randall, I just LOVE the video, and want to be there, and so I am because of you! We used to take the moon and sun sights as that was the ONLY way to navigate, and even I, silly me, was getting pretty good at it after a couple of years!! So, I know the wonderful enjoyment of knowing you are, where you are!!! And all because of using the heavens to give you an accurate position on our Earth! Wonderful, Randall, thank you so so much for sharing this with us!! I eagerly await every single log entry you post. And, BTW, I have a bracelet made from a decorative piece dived up off the BOUNTY by Des Kearns, one of Andy’s crew when they sailed tiny CARRONADE across the Pacific to Cape Horn. Andy made it into a bracelet for me!!! So precious! So wave for me too if you see Pitcairn to Port or Starboard!!!

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