Back and Forth

Day 5

Noon Position: 29.03.71N, 124.30.46W
Course: SW / SE
Speed: 3 – 5 knots
Wind: S 4 – 11
Sail: Close hauled under working jib and main
Bar: 1020
Sea: NW 1 – 4
Sky: Clear punctuated by large cells
Cabin Temp: 73
Water Temp: 69

Miles last 24-hours: 63
Miles since departure: 591

The text reads, “Accuracy of this note compromised by cold hands and severe boat motion. Otherwise, hove to in a gale.” This came today from a friend, Matt, who is crewing aboard DRINA as she transits the Southern Ocean from Australia to Ushuaia, a village on the southern tip of South America.

Meantime, I am beating into the light, warm southerlies off the coast of Baja and am considering myself lucky to have enough wind to come about.

Took all sail in last night and drifted. Not a breath after dark. But this southerly came up at 4 am and has built all day, built to a whopping 10 knots. And the sky has cleared at last. The blue ocean is again blue.

Breeze is subsiding as the sun is setting, now down to 5 knots, and I fear may be soon gone. But tonight we will have stars!

Yesterday, boot repair. Rubber boots may be dry, but they make for cold feet, and the antidote is a pair of Uggs. Nothing beats bare feet wrapped in sheepskin, comfort even in warm temperatures. Sadly, Uggs aren’t all that rugged. This pair can say they’ve been through the Arctic, at least…and will soon return. The goop in the second photo is Freesole, a urethane coating that locks the stitches.

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  1. Congrats on your successful departure Randall! Stoked for you, and looking forward to your progress over the coming year. Baby steps and one day at a time. Enjoy the sunshine and blue water. Cheers!

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