Well, if you’re following the tracker, you’ll know that Mo and Randall left for San Francisco yesterday. And very quickly turned around and came back. What’s the problem? Well the AIS antenna (tested before he left) apparently is not doing what it’s supposed to do. Sailing 9000 something miles back to San Francisco with no, Read More

Hey virtual voyagers! First, thanks to all the people who’ve reached out about Randall’s news to check in and see if I’m ok with the decision to basically extend the project by a whole extra year. I’m 100% in support of the plan. And for those of you who know me well, you know, Read More

March 29, 2018 I shot the following video on March 4th, two weeks after the knockdowns previously discussed. It’s day 110 of the Figure 8 Voyage, day 50 of this leg, and by now I’ve decided to put into Hobart, Tasmania, for repairs. The race is on. If I can make the remaining 2058, Read More

March 25, 2018 What follows is the video story of the Indian Ocean knockdowns that bent Moli’s starboard rail and shattered her pilothouse window. The gale that precipitated the knockdowns occurred between the Crozets and Kerguelen Islands at latitude 46 south on February 18, 2018. A written report sent-in the day after via the, Read More

Day: 122 Noon Position: 43 44S. 140 25E Course/Speed: E6 Wind: NE15 Bar: 1014 (dropping steadily from 1020) Sky: Overcast Sea: SW10 (long, slow rollers); NE3 Cabin Temp: 64 Water Temp: 56 Miles last 24 hours: 167 Longitude Made Good: 136 Total Miles: 16,956 Miles to Hobart: 353 Wind light but due east overnight., Read More

Hi Virtual Voyagers! As you can see from the fact that we have an image to share, Moli and Randall have made it to an anchorage and within cell phone range. It was a rough and challenging sail into safe harbor (the photo was from last night’s shenanigans). This means getting rested, clean and, Read More

Day 120. (Day 60 since Ushuaia; now longest leg. SF to Ushuaia, 59 days) Noon Position: 43 46S. 133 51E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: WSW15-20 Bar: 1017 Sky: Overcast, drizzle from passing low squalls Sea: SW8 (big background swell) Cabin Temp: 60 Sea Temp: 57 Miles last 24 hours: 162 Longitude Made Good: 138 (odd, Read More

Hey virtual voyagers. You get an extra post today as we’re catching up with Randall. As you can see, he’s much closer to pulling into Hobart than this post suggests. Joanna’s heading to Tasmania Sunday night and looks to rendezvous with Moli and her Captian on Tuesday. Day 119 Noon Position: 43 50S. 130, Read More

Day 118 Noon Position: 43 58S. 126 51E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: W20 Bar: 1029 Sky: High Fog Sea: SW8 Sail: Headsails poled out full Miles last 24 hours: 169 Longitude Made Good: 150 Total Miles: 16,279 Miles to Hobart: 939 A note from my friends on DRINA, the green hulled ketch that is exploring, Read More

Day 117 Noon Position: 43 50S. 123 23E Course/Speed: ENE7 Wind: WSW17-32 Bar: 1031 Sky: Overcast Sea: SW8 Cabin Temp: 60 Water Temp: 55 Miles last 24 hours: 162 Longitude Made Good: 152 Total Miles: 16,110 Miles to Hobart: 1090 Part I Slate gray the sea, Slate gray the bird, Slate gray the sky,, Read More

Before we launch into today’s report a quick thank you to Mark Gibbens who created the awesome sketch of Randall after watching the Seeker Video about Randall. If you haven’t seen it take a look. It’s got some footage from Randall’s departure day. They certainly ramped up the drama. 🙂   #team F8 Day, Read More

Day 114 Noon Position: 44 08S 113 31E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW18 Bar: 1016 Sky: Overcast, though clear till noon  Sea: NW5–big roller coming in from somewhere Cabin Temp: 64 Sea Temp: 53 Miles last 24 hours: 169 Longitude Made Good: 164 Total Miles: 15,653 Miles to Hobart: 1513 When you have the opportunity, Read More

Day 113 Noon Position: 44 30S. 109 43E Course/Speed: ENE7 Wind: NW18 Bar: 1018 Sky: Clear: cloud front windward Sea: NW3 Cabin Temp: 58 Sea Temp: 51 Miles last 24 hours: 132 Longitude Made Good: 125 Total Miles: 15,484 Miles to Hobart: 1673 Light winds overnight—from the southwest until early morning, and then gently, Read More

Day 112 (Day 52 since Ushuaia) Noon Position: 44 16S 106 50E Course/Speed: E6 Wind: SSW15 Bar: 1015 Sea: SW8 Sky: Clear, Cumulus: look like Tradewind weather Cabin Temp: 56 Sea Temp: 51 Miles last 24 hours: 143 Longitude Made Good: 116 Total Miles: 15,352 Miles to Hobart: 1800. I need to average 138, Read More

Day 111 Noon Position: 44 21S 104 08E Course/Speed: ESE7 Wind: NNW20-30 Bar: 1005 Sea: NW10 Sky: Overcast, rain Cabin Temp: 61 Sea Temp: 52 Miles Last 24 hours: 168 Longitude Made Good: 157 Total Miles: 15,209 Wind moved into the northwest and increased overnight to the high 20s and low 30s. At 4am, Read More

Day 110 Noon Position: 43 51S 100 29E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW2025+ Bar: 1012 Sea: NW8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 61 Water Temp: 54 Miles last 24 hours: 160 Longitude Made Good: 150 Total Miles: 15,041 Miles to Hobart: 2082 Imagine. A sky slate gray to each horizon. But not even entirely. Here and there, Read More

Day 109 Noon Position: 43 35S. 97 04E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: WSW25-30 Bar: 1016 Sea: NW8 Sky: Rain/Drizzle Sail: Working Jib, 2 reefs Miles last 24 hours: 164 Longitude Made Good: 157 Total Miles: 14,881 Miles to Hobart: 2233 Overnight wind increased and brought with it low cloud and rain. At midnight I took, Read More

Day 108 Noon Position: 43 14S 93 27E Course/Speed: SE5 Wind: NW8-12 Bar: 1024 Sea: NW4 Sky: Clear Sail: Twins headsails out full Cabin Temp: 65 Water Temp: 55 Miles last 24 hours: 137 Longitude Made Good: 117 Total Miles: 14,717 Miles to Hobart: 2396 For those of you just getting caught up, these, Read More

Day 107 Noon Position: 42 56S. 90 35E Course/Speed: E5 Wind: WSW10-15 Bar: 1027 Sea: W4 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 57 Sea Temp: 54 Miles last 24 hours: 120 Longitude Made Good: 113 Total Miles: 14,580 Wind trailed off overnight, seeming simply to evaporate. When I came on deck at 6am, the sails were, Read More

Day 106 Noon Position: 42 48S 88 01E Course/Speed: E6 Wind: SW20 – 30 Bar: 1021 Sea: SW15 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 57 Sea Temp: 53 Miles Last 24 hours: 167 Longitude Made Good: 112 Total Miles: 14,460 Not too long ago the best weather forecast one could get at sea was from his, Read More

Day 104 Noon Position: 44 53S. 81 50E Course/Speed: NE5 Wind: NW13 Bar: 1023 Sea: NW4 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 61 Sea Temp: 50 Miles last 24 hours: 107 Longitude Made Good: 92 Total Miles: 14,136 Slowly we drifted northeast, the twin headsails filling and folding in an endless cycle timed to the swell., Read More

Day 103 Noon Position: 45 20S. 79 33E Course/Speed: NE5 Wind: WSW 11 Bar: 1030 Sea: SW 8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 56 Water Temp: 52 Miles Last 24 hours: 148 Longitude Made Good: 135 Total Miles: 14,029 “The guys have been great,” said my wife in a message, “Every time something happens to, Read More

Day 103 Noon Position: 45 45S. 75 19E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: SW20 Bar: 1032 (wow!) Sky: Clear, Puffy Cumulus Cabin Temp: 56 Sea Temp: 49 Miles last 24 hours: 158 Longitude Made Good Miles: 148 Total Miles: 13,881 Sleep. I can’t get enough of it. Last evening I sat down for the pre-dinner beer,, Read More