Departure Dates – Announcements – MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Figure 8 Voyage 2.0 countdown begins!

Hi Virtual Voyagers!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the “wife” but I have a couple of big updates now the countdown to departure is looming.

Departure Information!

If you can make it you can join other Virtual Voyagers and wave Randall and Moli out under the Golden Gate Bridge.

When: Sunday, September 30th, 2018: 10am – 11am

Where: Travis Marina @ Cavallo Point, Sausalito CA


If you’re coming by car: There are lots of parking spaces in a lot just before the Marina. It’s a 5 min walk to the breakwater. Please note, due to safety issues no one will be allowed on the docks to either view the boat or “just give Randall a quick hug goodbye”. I’m pretty comfortable on wobbly docks and these ones are particularly wobbly. Also, this will be a pretty high stress moment for Randall (and me frankly) so privacy will be appreciated. That said, from the breakwater you’ll be able to see/take photos of Randall clearly and he’ll be waving. It also gives you an excellent view (fog permitting) of the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, the area is kid friendly.

If you want to “escort” Randall by boat: We welcome all escort boats! Heather Richard will again (thank you Heather!) be our media support boat.

Want to let us know you’re coming or get future updates? Please RSVP on the Facebook Event here

We’ll have someone out on the breakwater with the “Figure 8 Voyage” banner so you can find everyone.

Questions? Please email and we’ll try to answer them.


Helping us tell Moli and Randall’s story!


We’re SUPER excited to announce that the team at WideOrbit has offered a matching grant up to $10,000 for the Figure 8 Voyage Go Fund Me.

As you know, once Randall heads out to sea he’ll start writing and sharing videos and images from his adventure. Getting these posts live for you every day takes a surprising amount of effort and cost. Between the technology and bandwidth, we have to purchase to the team of people we hire to get the posts live to you each and every day. We sincerely hope you find Randall’s stories inspiring and entertaining.

If you do we’d love your support in making this happen and with the WideOrbit match, each dollar you donate will be doubled!


Donate Here!

Thanks to the people who’ve donated already. YOU ARE AWESOME!



Questions? Please email and we’ll try to answer them.


Preview for goodies!


We’re thrilled to announce that Nick Stewart has donated the printing rights for his ink rendition of Randall and Moli leaving Hanaeli Bay Hi using Randall’s namesake ink “Randall Blue”.


We hope to have this ready for purchase in the next couple of weeks, but if you’d like us to let you know please drop us a line at

Thanks again for everyone’s support.


Joanna & The Amplify Lab Team.

6 Comments on “Departure Dates – Announcements – MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Figure 8 Voyage 2.0 countdown begins!

  1. Hey Randall, sorry I can’t be there for this exciting and awesome event. I will be looking for your posts and keeping you in my prayers. Have fun, enjoy and safe sailing.

  2. Very Generous of WideOrbit! I already donated, but am thinking I will do so again…..

  3. Hi Randall,
    Hope all goes well this time around!
    I’ll be leaving Victoria on Monday 1st October on my nonstop solo sail around the world (sail only – no engine use allowed anywhere!). I’m aiming at the ‘oldest person around nonstop solo’ record. So I’ll be following behind you – down to Cape Horn and around…!
    See for my daily posts and position reports. If you’re on SSB/HF radio, we could chat any day you wish – just email me a time and frequency.
    All best wishes for a successful Figure of 8!
    Jeanne Socrates
    Canoe Cove, B.C., Canada

    • Jeanne,

      Nice to hear from you. I wish you fair winds for your attempt. No SSB/HF yet. The old one was drowned in the Indian Ocean and hasn’t been replaced. Will update you if that changes.


  4. Hi Randall, so sorry I will not be there to bid you farewell in person for your second departure. I will be in Italy until the 10th of October. But I will follow your updates with

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