Short post tonight I as am beat. 165 miles noon to noon. Best day yet, this on a double reefed headsail and same for the main in trades sometimes reaching the mid 20s. Seas steep to 8 feet. Decks awash. Yesterday the Watt and Sea hydrogenerator downhaul lanyard parted. This is a small loop of, Read More

Day 12 Noon Position: 18 39.15N 122 42.11W Course/Speed: SE 7+ Wind: NE 19 – 22 Sail: Two reefs in working jib, reef in main. Bar: 1017 and dropping (1015 by 3pm) Sea: NE 4 – 8 Sky: Clear Cabin Temp: 85 Water Temp: 80 Miles last 24-hours: 161 Miles since departure: 1451 All, Read More

Day 11 Noon Position: 20 50.49N 123 21.06W Course/Speed: SE 7 Wind: NE 18 Sail: Working jib, reef in main. True wind abeam; apparent running about 70 degrees Bar: 1019 Sea: NE 4 Sky: Clear Cabin Temp: 80 Water Temp: 78 Miles last 24-hours: 141 (!) Miles since departure: 1254 Thus far the wind, Read More

Day 10 Noon Position: 22 50.06N, 125 35.93W Course/Speed: SE 1 – 2 Wind: E 6 Sail: All plain sail Bar: 1021 Sea: Very lumpy from SE Sky: Clear with cloud at all horizons Cabin Temp: 82 Water Temp: 76 Miles last 24-hours: 88 Miles since departure: 1113 If it is true that all, Read More

Day 9 Noon Position: 23.52.22N, 125.02.98W Course/Speed: SE 4.5 Wind: 0 Sail: Motoring Bar: 1019 Sea: Glassy but quite some rollers coming in from the SE Sky: Low, gray, squally with rain Cabin Temp: 80 Water Temp: 74 Miles last 24-hours: 114 Miles since departure: 1025 Typing in the dark tonight as Mo ghosts., Read More

Day 8 Noon Position: 25.24.16N, 125.26.02W Course/Speed: SSW 6-7 Wind: SE 13-16 (these are true, by the way) Sail: Close hauled, one reef in main; reef in #1 late Bar: 1018 Sea: SE to 6; lumpy Sky: Clear till noon, then overcast, thick rain late afternoon Cabin Temp: 78 Water Temp: 72 Miles last 24-hours: 113, Read More

Day 7 Noon Position: 26.55.51N, 124.54.75W Course/Speed: S 7 Wind: ESE 12 Sail: Close hauled under working jib and main Bar: 1018 Sea: NW 4, long, rolling, ESE 3, steep Sky: Overcast, rain Cabin Temp: 74 Water Temp: 70 Miles last 24-hours: 104 and most of it in the right direction Miles since departure: 793, Read More

Day 6 Noon Position: 28.22.82N, 124.07.55W Course/Speed: S and SW 1 – 5 Wind: S and SE, 2 – 6 Sail: Close hauled under working jib and main Bar: 1021 Sea: NW 1 – 3 Sky: Clear Cabin Temp: 73 Water Temp: 69 Miles last 24-hours: 98 (miles through water, not made good south), Read More

Day 5 Noon Position: 29.03.71N, 124.30.46W Course: SW / SE Speed: 3 – 5 knots Wind: S 4 – 11 Sail: Close hauled under working jib and main Bar: 1020 Sea: NW 1 – 4 Sky: Clear punctuated by large cells Cabin Temp: 73 Water Temp: 69 Miles last 24-hours: 63 Miles since departure:, Read More

Day 4 Noon Position: 29.49.54W, 124.41.42W Course: SW Speed: 1 – 2 knots Wind: Light and Variable Sail: Big Jenny plus full main and “scandalized” with the stack pack for good measure Bar: 1018 Sea: NW 1 – 2 Sky: Gray, still. Have not seen sun since slipping under the Golden Gate Bridge Cabin, Read More

Day 3 Noon Position: 31.02.65N, 124.56.97W Course: S (or as south as the wind will allow) Speed: 4 – 6 knots Wind: 8 – 15 NW Sail: Twin headsails poled out full Bar: 1019 Sea: NW 4 Sky: Fully overcast with some low rain squalls. Cabin Temp: 68 Water Temp: 66 Miles last 24, Read More

Day 2 Noon Position: 33.20.09N, 125.04.25W Course: S Speed: 6-7 knots Wind: 12 – 18 NNW Sail: Twin headsails poled out full Bar: 1019 Sea: NW 6 Sky: Partly Sunny, squalls, some rain Cabin Temp: 65 Water Temp: 61 Miles last 24 hours: 157 Miles since departure: 302 The issue with Monte (the Monitor, Read More