Back in the Blue

Noon Miles:  

Aug 31, 116 (20 hours)

Sept 1, 146

Sept 2, 142

Leg Miles: 404

Once out from the land, we picked up a just sub-gale NWesterly that has, over the days, slowly veered into the north and faded to 9 knots true as I type. On this we ride due west. Forecasts have shown a large blue blob developing below us and to the west which I have tried to stay north of, but I fear at this I have failed. Even the barometer, now 1017, up from 1010, tells the tale. The blob should settle upon us by day’s end, unless the weather gods are fallible in our favor. We’ll continue due west until the wind disappears and save for another day getting some southing so as to round the high with a wind.

Slowly the apprehensions fade as at-sea routines return. Log making, sail adjustments, course corrections, pulling weather, eating, sleeping. We are on four-hour watches, but here the word “watch” is dominant as Monte and Mo do all the work. Four hours of sleep in one go, and two such events if he so chooses! Amazing to a singlehander. 

A tropic bird today; a storm petrel at distance. Three ships so far, two for Mexico, one for Japan. Harmon has done the cooking, last night a pot of ramen with fresh carrots, celery, ginger, garlic. Today a whopping omelet. I do the cleaning as small compensation and some of the sail handling.

Unwittingly we have shipped a few passengers in the form of sand flies. At least three remain, and they’ve even ventured out from the cabin to hop around the deck as the wind goes soft. 

Again, we have joined the world of blue. Such a blue as the land never sees. Endless, ancient, heaving blue. If you like blue, this world’s for you.  

7 Comments on “Back in the Blue

  1. Greetings from Key West, FL. Thank you for the posts. I loved the videos from the Figure 8 and look forward to this adventure.

  2. We were entertaining ourselves one day by swatting the sand flies that stowed away with us. We were astounded how fast they were and how we just didn’t seem to be able to hit them, then we realized that we were actually hitting them but they’re just really tough.

  3. I can’t recommend sand flies make a great meal but it looks like you have a good cook onboard but am wondering where the tot of rum is?

  4. What a great shipmate – smiles, fresh food, and good cooking! Lucky you!

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