To me, writing up the adventure is half the fun of having it. Sinking the land, being entirely, irretrievably at sea, is like breaking earth’s orbit and entering beautiful, untresspassed, limitless space. It’s not just freeing, it’s exhilarating, and those who have followed my previous passages know this transition tends to light the afterburner on my keyboard.

But for the Figure 8, I’d like to take adventure communications to the next level. I’d like to (please forgive the mixed metaphor) stream from sea.

During this expedition, I’ll be visiting some of the remotest places on the planet, the wild Southern Ocean, the Arctic’s Northwest Passage, places less frequented than the summit of Mount Everest.

And for this attempt, I’m shooting to send back video reports of the voyage as it happens.

Amazingly, this is possible.

Yes, satellite solutions exist that allow small yachts like mine to transmit and even stream video from these remote places. But the technology is expensive, is well beyond my means.

So, I’m excited to announce the launch of a Go Fund Me campaign targeted at allowing you to join me as a “virtual stowaway” on the Figure 8 Voyage.

Want to stay connected to the journey as it unfolds? Please visit my Go Fund Me page below.

2 Comments on “CALLING All VIRTUAL STOWAWAYS–Help Fund Voyage Video

  1. I’m sorry sir but I love your writing and would much rather read about your adventure than watch video’s about it. Matter of fact I won’t be following you via video. It’s a shame I won’t be part of your journey… I suppose it’s the modern way but I’m still sorry I won’t have the pleasure of stowing away on Moli with you through your penmanship. I wish you the best of luck with your adventure….

    • Gerhard, a better compliment is impossible to imagine. Please know that however the video part of this project turns out, the writing will continue. You are more than welcome to follow along for free. 🙂 Thank you for the thought and kind words.

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