GETTING PRESS: The Figure 8 in Latitude 38

Many thanks to the folks at Latitude 38 for their May 2017 feature of the Figure 8 Voyage.

Moli is back at KKMI and is again in pieces. The life raft, the dinghy motor, and the autopilots have all been sent out for overhaul or repair; the fuel tank lids are off in preparation for a good scrub, and the headsails are down, their furling drums disassembled on a bench in the pilot house. Tools and boat parts are scattered everywhere, creating a sense of chaos that could hardly be improved upon by a hand-grenade.

So, when Latitude’s reporter, Tim Henry, came by for a gam, I was sure it would take all the guile I could muster to convince him Mo would ever sail again!

You can judge my success by jumping to page 60 and 61 in the magazine’s electronic version, below, or simply keep scrolling…

I’m grateful to Kim Kirch for permission to use her excellent photos on this site and in print. The waving shot in Latitude and the photo at the top of this post are from a mid-Pacific rendezvous between Moli and Steve Harris’s Solace, on which Kim was then crewing, first reported in A Meet-Up at Sea on September 19th of last year.



3 Comments on “GETTING PRESS: The Figure 8 in Latitude 38

  1. Looks like you are having fun despite the grenade going off in the boat and the hob nobbing with the the gliterati of the SF sailing world! Watching and waiting for D-day! Keep at her. We are thinking of you and Moli almost daily. From the Caribe all the best.

    • Nice to hear from you, Tony and Connie. Thanks for the well-wishes. D-Day is first of October, so don’t hold your breath just yet. Hope all’s well with Sage in the Caribe.

  2. That’s a great writeup in Latitude. I especially like the way “why” is answered!

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