Chafe Discovery

February 5, 2019

Day 124

Noon Position: 46 30S  151 33E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 5

Wind(t/tws): SW 13 – 15

Sea(t/ft): W 5

Sky: Mostly Clear; some squall and some light cum

10ths Cloud Cover: 5

Bar(mb): 1025, rising

Cabin Temp(f): 61

Water Temp(f): 53

Relative Humidity(%): 64

Sail: Big genny out full; main one reef; broad reach

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 137

Miles since departure: 17,294

Avg. Miles/Day: 139

Days since Cape Horn:

Miles since Cape Horn:

Avg. Miles/Day:

Longitude Degrees Made Good (degrees minutes): 3 17

Total Longitude Made Good Since Cape Horn (degrees minutes): 219 01

Avg. Long./Day: 3.27

Long day. Was on the foredeck (now don’t recall why) when I noted on the #2 genoa unusual chafe to the webbing that secures the clew ring to the clew of the sail. Closer inspection showed that of the four straps around the ring, the top two had worn through and the bottom one was a third gone.

Spent the remainder of the day switching that sail out for the spare in the anchor locker. The webbing is monstrously strong and likely would last some time. That said, weather between here and New Zealand is going to be challenging; best not to take the chance.

All day we’ve been slowly overtaken by a high pressure system. Winds are easing as the barometer rises; the cabin is 70 degrees. This provided a lucky opportunity for the sail change. Now or never…

Wiped out. A better update later…

7 Comments on “Chafe Discovery

  1. Hi Randall, Any chance you could do any repairs to the webbing and clew ring straps?

  2. The head of my yankee failed in the same way, it completely parted, probably due to sun. A few hours with an awl and spare webbing sorted it out. Sewing is quite therapeutic once you get started.

  3. my eyes!! I know why.. ugliest clew ever – sailmaker should be very ashamed – at least you get to enjoy the therapy session suggested by Pete 🙂

  4. You stated “Sky: Mostly Clear; some squall and some light cum” Is that a miss-print or is there a climatic condition known as CUM? I’m at work and well that’s a NSFW topic for googling at work.

    • Abbreviation for Cumulus clouds is now my presumption. Though, if I’m wrong, I’m still very curious.

  5. As a former sailmaker, I recommend similar to Pete’s advice but instead of using webbing, sew the ring fully into/on the sail. You’ll probably have a picture aboard in one of your books of what a hand sewn ring looks like. Let me know if you need a picture.

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