Chicken and Bread

January 16, 2019 Day 104 Noon Position: 45 54S  86 35E Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExN 7 Wind(t/tws): WxS 15 – 20 Sea(t/ft): W 4 Sky: Overcast 10 (the morning was clear; the evening is utterly clear) 10ths Cloud Cover: 10 Bar(mb): 1012, steady Cabin Temp(f): 59 Water Temp(f): 47 Relative Humidity(%): 70 Sail: Twin headsails poled full Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 154 Miles since departure: 14,463 Avg. Miles/Day: 139 Days since Cape Horn: 47 Miles since Cape Horn: 6,819 Avg. Miles/Day: 145 Longitude Degrees Made Good (degrees minutes): 3 37 Total Longitude Made Good Since Cape Horn (degrees minutes): 153 52 Avg. Long./Day: 3.27
We edged N all night, and to aid us, wind stayed S of W at 15 – 20; and in the day, it remained S of W at 15 – 20, so we have continued edging N. The morning was not entirely clear, but I could see my shadow by 10am, and so I loaded the cockpit with wet things. Then the gray melted, and we had sun; bright, yellow, color-giving warm sun. I went barefoot on deck for the first time since … since … 20S in the Pacific. In fact, it could be that I have not looked at my feet in the intervening time, as down here they live secluded lives in socks or boots or both.
There are those who might call me chicken for edging N in search of a better purchase on the tomorrow’s low. After all, I do have the best boat in the world, so why not stay down at 46 and a half, take my lumps, and go fast. The answer is easy. I’ve seen what this ocean can do with a forecast of winds 35 – 40, and last time it put me into Hobart. There’s only one way to win the race I’m racing: finish. And for that, this is plenty S. After cleaning the cabin, drying the floors, washing head and beard–a pre-heavy weather ritual now similar to dressing up for church–after all that, finally, I got to bread baking. And amazingly, the gas bottle held. One loaf done…and now half eaten with jams sent by my friends Jim and Kelton, blackberry and plum, respectively. I had forgotten the joy of that warm, yeasty smell and the crunch of a golden brown crust. Why ever did I wait so long?

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  1. What a happy cheery cozy day!! Damn, that is some good lookin bread! The only thing better might be in a cozy room with a fire going and someone else made the bread for you… but that will be sweet after the voyage is complete.

  2. What provisions do you get and where do you get them for boat? Share recipe pleasesince hat looks like a winner.

  3. “Even in a hero’s heart,
    Discretion is the better part”

    —Charles Churchill, “The Ghost”, 1762

  4. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, on a long chilly voyage, like the ever so fragrant anticipation of eating fresh baked, HOT BREAD!!! Well maybe that first night of undisturbed sleep in a quiet anchorage after a smack on landfall and FRESH BREAD with a lot of melting butter and jam!! How I miss those days!!!

  5. Randall – another great post and video! Somehow I’ve become sucked into your voyage and blog. Your journey is worthy, and your writing puposeful and compelling. Thanks for sharing – fair winds!

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