Counting pillowcases – Notes from the BWITW.

I remember on the Friday before you left thinking “This is a house cleaning day. The sheets are going to be washed.” The process of removing you from the house, almost your ghost like footprint on a pillowcase was happening to quickly for me. I almost didn’t get the sheets washed. But my logical mind realized how ridiculous that was and did it anyway.

Today, it’s 2 weeks later and it’s an house cleaning day again. The decision this morning was – do I wash Randall’s pillow case? Yes, technically the pillow case hasn’t had a head on it so it should be clean. But the confirmation of your missing pillow in the wash would confirm that you’re not here.

Randall, as you know, I’be been going at a break neck speed since you left. I have barely been home to make my own pillow dirty. This is why it works for us. I’m off again today for an offsite with a room full of #ladybadass women. I have no doubt I’ll come out of it with more ideas and more activities to keep me busy while you’re gone. So don’t worry. While I’m thinking of pillowcases #teamjojo has be amply distracted.

And yet I have time for conversations with myself about pillow cases.

Ah the weird musings, I guess that means 25 pillow washes before you come home.

– Joanna

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  1. A love story expressed simply, like a message in a bottle, yet one that transcends the distance of the seas; lovely!

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