Entering Disko Bay

July 31, 2019

Departed Sisimiut at 1900 hours and motored due north overnight for Disko Bay. Another uneventful passage of 140 miles, remarkable only for utter calm and a sea so smooth that boat motion was imperceptible.

Disko Island came into view in the late afternoon of the next day, as did the progeny of the glaciers that surround it. One big berg at first and then a train of them, slowly making their way toward dissolution in the open sea.

Anchor down at the E end of Killiit (Fortune Bay), S Disko Island, at 2000 hours. 35 feet. Rocky, I think; the anchor grumbled for a time before holding fast.

10 Comments on “Entering Disko Bay

  1. Oh, Boy!!! Fantastic photos! A harbinger of things to come, for magnificent photos and heart stopping! We are all breathless with wonder! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  2. Randall: Do the surroundings usually look like that this time of year, I.e. is the snow cover usually gone on the land as it shows in your great photos?

  3. WOW! WOW!! WOOWW!!!! So beautiful and breathtaking!
    I’m confused… departed at 1900 from Sisimiut and arrived at Disko after traveling 140 miles?? Is that 25 hours later? Even motoring that would seem too fast…

  4. Meant to say “arrived at Disko at 2000 hours after traveling 140 miles…”

  5. Leaving one’s boat for a solo walk in the middle of isolated nearly nowheresville. Logically maybe all good, but still, a mind game I would think. Just peeked in on wikipedia disko-bay for some context — vicariously joining in of course.

  6. Wow an empty beautiful anchorage of a weekend. Now we know how far you have to travel to find one 🙂

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