Greetings to Iles Crozets

Day 110

Noon Position: 43 51S 100 29E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW2025+ Bar: 1012 Sea: NW8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 61 Water Temp: 54

Miles last 24 hours: 160 Longitude Made Good: 150 Total Miles: 15,041

Miles to Hobart: 2082

Imagine. A sky slate gray to each horizon. But not even entirely. Here and there jagged Openings, tears with sharp corners, eerie. One of these voids is low down and in the way of the sun, which sets, a vast fiery ball, or so I’m told. In this case, though, the fire is seen as if through a hedge of thorns, black thorns like shadows hiding what mortals cannot behold. Under which the sea runs fast and loud; even after all is dark, she is fast, loud and beautiful.

I have mates on a green-hulled ship named DRINA who are pursuing an excellent cruise of the Southern Ocean in which they stop, unlike Mo and I, at every island in their path. You may recall that back on February 16th I saw,  indistinctly, two islands to the north. These were Ile aux Cochons and Iles des Pingouins, part of the group Iles Crozets at following messages: Friday: We are now hove-to in the gut between Cochon and Possession so we can have a daylight arrival. roughly 47S and 50E. This morning my mates made land in that group. I know because one of them, Matt, and I are corresponding via InReach.

The island is magnificent close up. Wanderers, Sooties, Yellow-Nose and what we think was an Amsterdam Albatross. Elephant and Fur Seals; King and Macaroni penguins on the beach and later in our wake. Fantastic day.” Today: Everyone on Crozets is following you. They could not write due to your not having internet. Hospitality overwhelming. (“Everyone” being the collection of scientists, the only humans allowed on the islands.)

So, to my friends on the Crozets, thank you for the follow. Seeing your islands on the horizon was one of the more memorable moments of this leg. I yelled, “Land Ho!” so loud the Wanderers near me veered off thinking, “This guy’s nuts!” Sorry, the F8 no stopping rule was my idea. Maybe next time.

Best to you and your excellent islands.

Sincerely, Randall

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  1. How can I be sitting here in the morning sun in my yard, with my cat, in Hawaii, and still thinking how cool it would be to be doing what you are doing (only, not solo!)? I love the simplicity of being at sea, just the basics, survival. Aloha, Mary

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