Happy New Year from Team Figure 8 + Questions answered.

“I love what I’m doing, and miss you terribly all at the same time.”

Randall and I had an in-person chat at 12.01am Pacific Standard time January 1st, 2019. The rest of the conversation was mostly Randall laughing at me as I shared with him some of the antics I’ve been up to and a “fight” about how mad he was when I heard I went up on our roof (of a flat one-story house) to fix the twinkle lights. “Jo, you scare me. It’s so dangerous.” he said. I pointed out the hypocrisy.

Hi readers, this is Jo, for one of my periodic check-ins with all of you lovely readers. Time for a quick update on the frequently asked questions…

1. Do you guys chat on the phone and/or facetime each other? No, the phone call is only the second chat we’ve had since Randall left last year. We email however every day.

2. Does Randall have internet access? No. He can, however, send and receive messages. This is why it takes us a couple of days to get his posts live. With the combination of time zones and the fact that Team Figure 8 have day jobs back home means we build in the buffer.

3. Does Randall read my comments or questions? Yes and No. If you’re commenting on the website – we pull all the comments off the site each week and send him a summary. This means if you’re commenting on Facebook, Twitter, etc we’re not sending them. Sadly it’s a bit of a fiddle, and as I need to prioritize paying the bills, this is the call we’ve had to make. That said, PLEASE comment on the website. Randall LOVES to read everything.

4. Wait a second, you work? What do you do? Yep, while I’m HUGELY grateful to all the Figure 8 sponsors and Go Fund Me supporters, I do have to make a living. I get to travel around the world telling people why they’re awesome for a living. Yes really. Randall’s not the only one doing something a bit unusual with his life. Like him, I’m doing my life’s work and getting to change how people (and other people) think about themselves is the best job in the world. Curious, you can read about what I’m doing here.

5. How can I help? Share Randall’s story. Share how easy it is to follow him. We have a couple of readers who have put maps up in their offices and homes so they can update the voyage with the people around them.

If you have other questions you’d like me to answer, please comment below. I. Read. Everything.

Lastly, I want to wish ALL of you – and we’re somewhere around 2000 followers to date – an amazing 2019. And THANK YOU! While this is technically a solo adventure, knowing each one of you is out there cheering us on makes this all worthwhile.

Until next time, Jo


12 Comments on “Happy New Year from Team Figure 8 + Questions answered.

  1. I treasure the time I first met you and Randall in Richmond, it was meant to be, I feel it strongly as I really look forward to each and every post, every wonderful photo, and the videos are just so great! Thank you to you and Randall for giving so many a vicarious voyage around the Figure 8!! A very HAPPY and VERY EXCITING NEW YEAR TO YOU AND RANDALL!

  2. Happy New Year to you both. So I have a question for Randall – do you keep a mental (or any other) track of your actual progress versus the progress you’ve made? Seeing the path of Figure 8 1.0 in front of your voyage sure is a constant reminder to me that you’ve been here before, but in the hopefully near future, you’ll cross the Hobart longitude, where you departed north, and at that point, 2.0 seems to become more of it’s own adventure. Just curious. Shana, (SUA class of 1983, and child of the Delta, where my dad was the bridge tender of the Wanut Grove and Isleton Bridges before he retired and moved aboard his 47’ Lord Nelson at Owl Harbor.)

    • Ok – slight tweak since this question didn’t come as intended. Should be: “Do you keep a mental (or any other)track of your actual progress versus the EXPECTED progress you intend(ed) to make?”……also, dad didn’t bridge tend Isleton. It was Walnut Grove and Georgiania Slough. Accuracy….you know. 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Jo and Randall, from your Canine Follower and his Mom. Fair winds and Good Waves be at your back, whether on sea or land!

  4. Happy new year to you both. Hope all is going well. Was wondering how many days in advance do you try to plan. Are you thinking about the upcoming southern ocean or further, the cape? Stay strong

  5. Thinking of your headache problem, since you have Mo totally sealed up – no dorades, open ports, sealed hatch etc. is it possible when you are not going top sides over an extended period that you are depleting the oxygen and raising the CO2 levels to the point that you are getting a headache? Any cooking will worsen the situation. The crew of Nanamuk are really enjoying fallowing you but are glad we did our circumnavigation in the in the benign latitudes!

  6. Happy New Year from Vienna, Austria!
    On the tracker it looks as if you’re heave-to at the moment, and being on the same timzone as you currently I sincerely hope you’re just taking a good nap and are not having issues on your port side.
    Fingers crossed, all the best wishes, Ernest

  7. umm, well, actually it looks as if you’re already ab hour ahead 😉

  8. Happy New Year from the Los Angeles area. My husband and I have been following you since your first try. One of us try to check on you every day.
    Blue skies to you for 2019.

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