Happy Thanksgiving

Day 26 

Noon Position: 8 19.58S 127 29.95W 

Course/Speed: SE 5 – 6

Wind: ENE 10 – 12

Sail: All plain sail, close hauled to make some easting on this unusual wind.

Bar: 1016

Sea: SE 3

Sky: Clear, then some squalls, then clear

Cabin Temp: 85

Water Temp: 79
Miles last 24-hours: 142

Miles since departure: 3292

***A happy day aboard Mo, but we’ll describe that another day. Happy Thanksgiving all!***

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  1. Happy T day Randall! Hope you find gratitude for every gain small or large in the right direction. And peace in the face of set backs and frustrations. There is no world outside your own. Enjoy the universe as you know it.

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