Images from The Port Townsend Boat Yard

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Below are a few images of the Port Townsend Boat Yard complex, a place for any sailor to fall in love with.

Here one can find everything needed to maintain a vessel and sustain the life of her skipper.

Mechanics shops, rigging shops, welding shops, boat building shops, hydraulic shops, woodworking shops (many of these), a Co-op that does all of the above, a chandlery, and a lift that could handle the Titanic.

Facilities for the crew include hot showers, a laundromat, a taco hut, two cafes, a coffee roaster, and a brewery with live music and a ribs truck on the weekends.

I repeat, beer and BBQ ribs! Put down your paint brush, drop that drill–a pint is but a five minute walk; don’t even change out of your work clothes.

And the boats are works of art!

I have informed my wife that if she ever lets me retire, I will buy a sleeping bag and a tent and move here.

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  1. All you could ever want. Right there. One of my favorite places to spend time, if only wandering around, looking at boats and talking to “boat people.”
    Great pics, Randall.

  2. If you like Italian food & jazz music Randall, go “uptown” and try Lanza’s , awesome food 🙂

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