Mana from Heaven, AKA You have a Box at the UPS Store

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I have a friend, Jim by name, whose character radiates with an evangelical glow; a winemaker in talent and by trade, he has taken to heart the Psalmist’s observation that “a day without red wine is a day without sunshine,” and has, twice now, ensured that this lonely sailor’s access to liquid warmth is not diminished by something so trifling as a remote location. He has sent wine. Red wine. In quantity. And always just in time.

For this I am ever grateful.

I only wish the retrieval were not so much like a pilgrimage.


In service to a higher calling is the Port Townsend Boat Haven’s flower-painted dock cart, which I was able to “borrow” for this sacred mission without notice of the harbor master. My holy task was rewarded by a parking space right out front.


Then began the long and lonely return with never so much as an oasis, not even a palm tree, in between.


On and on wound the hot road.


But the rewards were great. Jim makes wine under his own label, JW Wines, and for AMPHORA Wines.  Note the box of Rose and the hat–excellent defenses both against our current heat wave. Many thanks, Jim.

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  1. Hey brother Jim! Do you make beer? If so, I’m about to embark on a voyage I call the “Figure 9.” I plan to circle a continent, and then find a new place to live on the continent below it.

    • Kowden. Clever, but I’m sure it’s been done. Besides, if Brother Jim made beer, I’d be the first to know.

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