Day 29

Noon Position: 15 43.97S  126 58.95
Course/Speed: S 6
Wind: E 10 – 20+
Sail: You name it; I done it.
Bar: 1019
Sea: E to 11
Sky: Squalls
Cabin Temp: 86
Water Temp: 80

Miles last 24-hours: 154
Miles since departure: 3752

Frustrating bit of ocean, this. Inconsistency in wind and a growing swell the name today. Same name yesterday, just more of it now. Three minutes ago, 9 knots of wind; now 23 and growing.

Wind absolutely will not stay constant for more than ten minutes depending on what side finds us first. So I roll out and roll in the working headsail and worry I’ll wear it out before we get to the good stuff. The main I’ve left at two reefs all day. Will go to three tonight given last night’s experience.

Last night the squalls deepened and by midnight we had lightning. Not a happy sight. I grabbed what portable electronics I could and put them in a steel ammo box and then fought with a wind gusting 30. Finally just dowsed the main altogether around 3am, which left us wallowing, but allowed me to shoot some footage of what looks like may repeat tonight and I hope does not.

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