Merry Christmas Dinner (Video)

December 24, 2018

Day 81

Noon Position: 43 50S  03 51E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 6-7

Wind(t/tws): W 11-17

Sea(t/ft): W 10

Sky: Overcast (later clears, light fluffy cumulus)

10ths Cloud Cover: 10 / 5

Bar(mb): 998, rising

Cabin Temp(f): 57

Water Temp(f): 48

Relative Humidity(%): 81

Sail: Twins poled out full, running

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 140

Miles since departure: 10,961

Avg. Miles/Day: 135

Slow overnight in moderate winds as we wait for the sea to subside. It did, and I’ve flown the twins today. Now we race on light west winds.

Today a longish video discussing Christmas dinner and why we won’t be doing any gift exchange this year on Mo.

9 Comments on “Merry Christmas Dinner (Video)

  1. Your doing awesome
    I hope to be following your footsteps to some degree in another 5 years

  2. Nice video…avg daily creeping up. That’s great. Looks like you’re having fun. Hope the brownies came out awesome! Not sure what kind of camera you’re filming with or if its weatherproof, but I for one would love to see some footage of the big seas you are encountering. Of course, you are probably too busy managing the boat to whip out your camera.

    Stay safe and warm. So enjoy following along on your journey. Thanks for taking the time for the daily updates!

    Steve Grant

    • What do you mean no gift exchange? Can’t you shop online from the Ocean?

  3. I’ve enjoyed following you and this voyage, and especially your writings. I wish you the best. I’ve done some ocean sailing but aboard my wooden boat, and certainly in no fashion to your extent. So I have two questions; How do you deal with sea sickness? Is it ever a problem when you first set sail? And how do you deal with loneliness?

  4. So amazing to see your Christmas video from so far away. Was the shepherd’s pie up to your expectations? We love following along with you and truly enjoyed seeing your southern ocean chart.

  5. Randall, MO, and Monte!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your posts, your photos, your videos!! Thank you so very much for taking us all along with you in this incredible adventure!! You MAKE MY DAY! Happy HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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