No there won’t be figgy pudding today – Christmas at Sea

Quick update virtual voyagers. A short Christmas Eve chat with Jo where she shared all the family stories from the holiday. He managed to organize with Lucy (Jo’s sister) to get her a personal card and poem for the holidays. He might be far away but he does a great job in still doing romantic surprises.-

Randall’s got a long day ahead to get into his first anchorage. Thanks for everyone’s support and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Dec 25

POS 55 30S 71 47W

50 miles to the entrance of Bahia Cook; 110 miles to first safe anchorage, Caleta Olla.


The next two days will be challenging. Factors are the distance to safety; shallow water at Cook entrance which may make heaving to at a natural stopping point dangerous in a sea still 10+; a fast-moving blow coming down from the NW tonight (don’t want to be on the outside), and close waters inside making a stop for any time dangerous.

And I still need to swing the anchor–not possible out here.

Plan. Depart now for entrance. Heave to briefly this evening for a nap somewhere at the entrance that still has sea room. Swing anchor deep inside Cook protection. Motor overnight and into tomorrow to Caleta Olla.

On the positive: weather is good now. And the target is downwind. Can’t overstate how good that is.

Tough day yesterday. Up at 3am to retrieve drogue. Took two and a half hours of slow, steady hauling. Motored till 8pm, roughly sundown. Winds 30 knots and swell from gale during first five hours made holding a soul-crushing experience. Two following shifts much better. Made 60 miles of the 120 to the entrance and got 10 in drift overnight.

Comfortable overnight, but slept poorly. Nervous about this last leap.

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  1. Here in Martinique rooting for a safe approach and a good anchorage. Celebrate one acheivement at a time and move to the next. All the best from Onboard Sage

  2. Thinking of you. Thanks for the updates. May your Christmas present be reaching safe anchorage soon!

  3. Merry Christmas Randall and Joanne! Glad to read the update and wishing you a safe and sleep filled night this Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas Randall!! I am glued to your tracker watching and praying for an uneventful arrival in to safe harbor.

  5. Merry Christmas Randall 🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄🐬💫✨

  6. Not familiar with the term “swing the anchor” – what does it mean? Glad to see you are inside. You’ll have a good rest soon!

    • From Team Figure 8 – the Anchor removed from the bow and stowed well below the decks shortly after Moli left San Francisco. “swinging” is ultimately reattaching.

  7. Wow!!!! Randall I am so proud of you. I believe you should add “Writer soon to be published”. To your sailing expeYears your descriptive narrative is riviting! Praying for your safe journey and your lovely Jo to be with you soon. Love Coelise
    Happy coming New Year

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