Nome, Nome at last!

Arctic Tern arrived Nome, Alaska, at 7PM local, September 18, thus completing her 2014 Northwest Passage.

There before us was our traveling companion, Novara, and after quick greetings we escorted each other to the nearest (there are several, we hear) establishment for a celebratory dinner generously lubricated with honest, unapologetic American beer! None of us can quite recall how things ended up last night, but if they ended as well as the cruise, then we have no complaints.


Arctic Tern arriving Nome; Novara there to take lines.


Arctic Tern alongside Novara, Nome, Alaska


Some paved roads in Alaska, but to what effect?


Arctic Ternies and Novaras celebrating their successes at the Airport Pizza Parlor, Nome.


“We did it, we did it!” Phil of Novara and Nikki of Arctic Tern.


Happy Skippers, Les Parsons of Arctic Tern and Steve Brown of Novara.

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Randall under a new flag.

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  1. Congratulations no wonder you all look so excited and happy. Thanks so much Randall for keeping us up to speed with your challenging journey. Sometimes it felt like we were actually with you. Big Hugs to all you intrepid explorers love Maryx

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