On our Ear

Day: 122

Noon Position: 43 44S. 140 25E

Course/Speed: E6

Wind: NE15

Bar: 1014 (dropping steadily from 1020)

Sky: Overcast Sea: SW10 (long, slow rollers); NE3

Cabin Temp: 64

Water Temp: 56

Miles last 24 hours: 167

Longitude Made Good: 136

Total Miles: 16,956

Miles to Hobart: 353

Wind light but due east overnight. Slow going. The engine purred as we pounded, but our progress toward the goal of 150 miles a day suffered. 136 was the best I could do.

Today winds have gone into NE at 15 to 20 and have flirted with the NNE. Now we are on the move again with the engine pegged at 2600rpms and a double reefed working jib and main.

We make 7 knots. But do we ever pound unmercifully and are sailing on our ear to boot. The very definition of uncomfortable. I hate to motor, but the race is really on. I have 48 hours from this morning to be in sheltered waters, at which point winds go to W40 and more. All for tonight. Too much going on on the boat and I don’t feel I can pull my attention away.


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