Pulling into Port…

Hi Figure 8 Voyage Followers!

This is Team Figure 8 speaking. Well the list of broken things got to a point today where a different approach was needed – specifically poor Monte broke this time.

The good news is Randall isn’t broken (frustrated but not broken) and the boat is as solid as a rock. However self steering gear is critical for getting around the Horn so Randall will be pulling into Ushuaia Argentina for needed repairs.

So what does this mean?

1. It means Randall will be steering, eating and sleeping. He won’t be writing so you’ll have to just follow the tracker for the while. As I get information I’ll update you all until he arrives in Ushuaia.

2. Getting to Ushuaia will take about 6 days.

3. I thought this trip was supposed to be non-stop. The goal was to get as far as possible. The route itself is a first and in the time window so we’re still going for that.

4. Does this mean Randall is done? No not at all. We have an amazing team here in San Francisco and Vancouver who rallied today (thanks Tony and Mike) and will be getting the parts to Randall. They’ve even pinged the harbor folks in Ushuaia to let them know Randall is coming. Seriously sorted out team.

Thanks for everyone’s support and patience. We’ll continue to update you as we get more info.

Joanna & Team Figure 8

15 Comments on “Pulling into Port…

  1. Randall should try sheet to tiller steering before he gets to tired. 6 days is a long time to be at the helm by ones self and the biggest risk is fatigue.

    • No. Never. Stops in Greenland and refueling stops in the Northwest Passage are planned probable.

  2. Ggood to hear he’s OK. Back to basics I guess. All in line with very early singlehanders. Keep safe Randall and get some rest before closing the shore.

  3. Randall need to do some serious trimming of his wind vane and wind vane installation. Its Not normal to gybe involuntarily several times a day and not being able to hold a straight course. He should call Monitor support to discuss this. My guess is that he needs to dampen the wind vane, and move the attachment point on his tiller way back.

  4. The next six days will be tough without Monte but a long hot shower, real food and a good rest await you in Ushuaia.

  5. Well this was never going to be non-stop. You’ll have to stop in Greenland to wait for the NWP to open and you’ll have to stop in the NWP. So now this delay will only serve to reduce the wait time in Greenland.

  6. What you are doing is way more fun than sitting on a couch reading about it…. You are so cool.

  7. Sleep deprivation is your biggest enemy. Think thru everything twice before executing. We’re in your corner Randall

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