Results of the Knockdown, A Deeper Dive

March 27, 2018

The previous post told the story of the knockdown that has put us into Hobart. As companion to that post, below are three short video tours. One takes you through the damage in the pilot house, the next offers a look at the rail, and the third complains of salt water’s effect on paper. All of these were shot during the fine weather we had directly after the gale.

4 Comments on “Results of the Knockdown, A Deeper Dive

  1. Hi Randall, I’m hoping that while you’re in port that someone in your team might be able to answer a question that has been burning in my mind for quite some time now — HOW DO YOU TAKE THOSE PHOTOS OF YOURSELF??? Examples: hack sawing the rail? laying in your bunk with your eyes shut?
    Please do me the great kindness of explaining how you position the camera for these shots and snap the photo. Aloha, Mary

  2. Great update Randall !!!
    Thank you again!

    To Mary: Randall has technology aboard along with his cameras. I’m sure that is how he gets great pictures of himself. For example, having a holder for a cell and then using a timer.

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad things are drying out and you have some calmer seas!

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