Knockdown in the Indian Ocean–The Story in Video and Photos

March 25, 2018

What follows is the video story of the Indian Ocean knockdowns that bent Moli’s starboard rail and shattered her pilothouse window. The gale that precipitated the knockdowns occurred between the Crozets and Kerguelen Islands at latitude 46 south on February 18, 2018. A written report sent-in the day after via the Garmin InReach can be found here.

The video was recorded three days after the incident, by which time Mo and I had mostly recovered. The weather had turned fair; we were back underway and making fast easting. That said, nearly all the electronics remained offline, and I was still picking glass from corners of the pilot house. I also had no idea where we were headed.

There’s a comical note to any emergency…

Water came pouring in, but I didn’t realize the window was broken until the boat righted and I could hear the ocean through the void. Note water on the ceiling.

Water cascaded down the steps into the salon and then flowed into the bilge.

I used two hatch boards from the forepeak to plug the hole. The boards weren’t quite the right size, so I plugged the gaps with silicon.

One of the knockdowns bent the starboard rail in over the winches due to the impact of the solar panel with the water.

The rail had to be cut away to allow for the swing of the winch handles.

The only physical casualty was my left wrist, which I caught briefly in the drogue line as it was deploying. All parts moved, so I figured it was merely a sprain.

10 Comments on “Knockdown in the Indian Ocean–The Story in Video and Photos

  1. What an ordeal! I’m glad you’re back in territory you’ve sailed before, and I hope you’re able to complete the NW passage.

  2. Wow speaks volumes for a Jordan drogue. Glad you are ok. I also have a monitor so good to know.

  3. Glad your ok and speaks volumes for Jordan drogue. I also have a monitor so good to know

  4. Wow that is such an incredible story!!! So glad you are okay!!! You are the only person I know that I would want with me in an emergency! You always know of something to do. I think the story of the razor is hilarious. Robb

  5. Craziness! I’m so glad you are in port for a while- thanks for the report. Was the solar panel toast?
    Trying to remember if it had to be donated to Neptune…

  6. Randall, you did great -clear organized thinking and action. I’m learning alot from your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dude!! That’s craziness! So glad you’re alright! True about emergencies & humor-I’m a cop & always some humor. I think it’s God’s way of helping the skipper keep a steady hand. 👍(When not swollen 😕).

  8. Wow, Randall. I love your Posts and videos. Thank you for sharing them! I am right there with you in spirit the whole way. So glad I can follow you! Well done, Randall!
    Pam Wall

  9. Hi Randall,

    It has been very interesting to follow your blog about your great voyage beginning from planning and preparations. Your reports have also offered lots of very valuable information, from which I have learned important things.

    Best of luck to repairs – hope that you can set sail soon!

    With best regards,


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