Rolling Again

January 30, 2019

Day 118

Noon Position: 43 45S  131 34E
Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 7
Wind(t/tws): WSW 22 – 26
Sea(t/ft): W 10; still got heavy rollers
Sky: Puffy cumulus clouds, only occasional squalls.
10ths Cloud Cover: 5
Bar(mb): 1006, rising slowly
Cabin Temp(f): 59
Water Temp(f): 52
Relative Humidity(%): 44

Sail: Working jib and main, one reef and two respectively.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 146
Miles since departure: 16,428
Avg. Miles/Day: 139

Days since Cape Horn: 61
Miles since Cape Horn: 8,794
Avg. Miles/Day: 144

Longitude Degrees Made Good (degrees minutes): 3 15
Total Longitude Made Good Since Cape Horn (degrees minutes): 198 42

It’s been a slow week for miles, but today we finally had an average day of 146 miles noon-to-noon. That ties our best day this last seven. 

But we’re rolling now, and Mo feels fast again, except for the few hours before dawn when I should have flown more sail but opted for sleep. Deserved sleep, as we spent the night being t-boned by one squall after the other, and I was frequently on deck taming the twin headsails in 40 knots. 

Stars; such a rare sight. Orion, Leo, Corvus, the Southern Cross shining bluey-white against the black. And my mysterious glow worms at water top, gleaming as if in imitation of the heavens. They were visible for hundreds of feet before moonrise.

Today has seen the departure of squalls, mostly, and an even wind of 20 – 25 on the quarter. We’ve made good time, and things have been stable enough that I could do a deep clean of the cabin, dry wet things in the cockpit (the perpetual job) and bake bread in the afternoon. 

I’m hoping for an even night. Need rest. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Whew, Randall! Glad you had respite and hope things continue to let you get some badly needed sleep. That bread sure looks good, and I bet it smells even better! And tastes even better than that!! Thanks for your comments on my Post to you about Captain James Cook, so great for me to hear from you, personally. Thank you! Pam

  2. Randall, I’m worried! Don’t usually jump to conclusions about any single comment. But sleep is perhaps the most important ingredient to your safety and success, the most urgent need of the single hander. The word sleep has dominated the narrative for some time. Are you really well enough rested? Heaving to for 24 hours would not be a significant loss to the schedule, as you have done fabulously well! I know this is not a new idea – just wanted to bring it front and center.

    S/V Holy Grail

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