Stopped by Headwinds

August 3, 2019

Departed Fortune Bay at 1200 today. Aiming for Upernavik. Heavy fog right down to the water. Wind N at 5 knots. Temperature 50 degrees. Bergs are visible at less than half a mile, and from what I can tell, they are the size of city blocks. We pass four or more an hour, but they are ghosts in the mist.

By 1800 fog has lifted, but we are pushing into a stiff NNW wind, and Mo is plunge diving. When our average speed falls to two knots, I turn to the E for an anchorage, Kuanit, just a divit in the land on the N side of the Disko Fjord but out of the wind. Here I’ll wait until after midnight, when wind is forecast to go calm.

We clock a bergy bit at 7 knots on the way in, a glancing blow to port that shoved the bow well to starboard. I just didn’t see the ice block coming; it was hidden behind the mast. Of course, I immediately thought Mo was down by the head and acting sluggish. But there’s no water in the boat, and after inspection at anchor, I don’t think there’s the slightest of scratches, much less a hole.

Anchor down, Kuanit at 1930, 35ft. Anchor bit right away.

We are 500 feet S of a rushing stream.

Postion: 69 34N 54 18W.  

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