While Mo and Randall navigate we’ll give you a quick update.

Hello fabulous followers of the Figure 8 Voyage.

If you’ve been following the voyage you’ll know that Mo and Randall are currently navigating a pretty tricky portion of the North West Passage. Like you, we’re all holding our breath here a little. Randall won’t be posting today as we want him watching for bergs and navigating so you’re going to hear from us.

Couple of quick updates:


If you’d like to watch an interview Randall made with another adventurer Greg Horner. Taken while Randall was up in St. John’s Newfoundland take a look below.


Also, we’re trying not to be too premature but we’re starting to get organized for Mo and Randall’s sail under the Golden Gate Bridge.

As we have over 2,000 daily readers from around the globe (thank you!) on the website, Facebook, Twitter and Sailfeed, just to name a few. We thought some of you might want to join us in welcoming Moli and Randall as they come under the bridge. To keep communications simple we’re asking you to tell us if you’d like to be on the communication list. To do this we have some questions and want you to register here. Please do not comment on the blog, social posts etc as we will not be capturing names from here. We will post information but if you want to get invited to stuff we need to know who you are. We’re a tiny and scrappy team behind the scenes at the Figure 8 Voyage help us, help you.

We’ll be sharing this again when we have more information but the sooner you register the better. We have no logistics yet other than to share that at some point Jo will be standing waving madly at a tiny boat coming in from the sea.

Here’s the link again: https://theamplifylab.typeform.com/to/McVcwc

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  1. This is definitely the baad-arse part of the journey. Roald Amundsen and Gjøa had a crew of six and three years to make it from Greenland to Alaska!

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