Working Through a Low

Day 74

Noon Position: 48 21S 22 13W

Course/Speed: e5

Wind: NW 20 – 30

Sail: Storm Jib

Bar: 974

Sea: N and NW to 12

Sky: Overcast with rain

Cabin Temp: 56

Water Temp: 45

Miles last 24-hours: 158

Miles since departure: 9697

On day 74, Randall and Mo are 1800 miles east of Cape Horn and working through a low pressure system from the North.

5 Comments on “Working Through a Low

  1. Randall, we feel like we’re there with you. Thanks so much for all the updates.

  2. I find myself looking for the updates every night. Fascinating stuff to a boring finance guy. Bon voyage!

  3. Good fun to see and hear you! Nice shots of the ocean too. 3am first light – ugh! and cold – ugh!

  4. 52 degrees in the cabin…got the chills just hearing you mention that. Thank you for the updates. We get to experience your adventure from the warmth of our land bound apartments 🙂 Stay warm and safe out there.

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