All is Well!

Hi Virtual Stowaway followers.

If you’ve been looking at the tracker you’ll see that Randall is in some pretty big seas (20-30ft) so writing long blog posts etc hasn’t been high on the priority list. I did however get a short email from Randall this morning and I thought I’d share it will all of you. Mostly so you don’t worry, also to answer some questions I’ve had today.


All well, though a very tough ride. Average winds 45 knots from the west; typical range 35 to 55. Overnight gusts from super-squalls of 60 and 70. Had to do a double take on that. Swells have grown large and long, but fast. One could build villages in the valleys. From on top, it is as if Mo has been levitated four stories into the air. Watching the boat fall such a distance and rise up again defies logic. Haven’t even tried photos.

Ran with storm jib until after dark, but seemed overpowered by situation. Pulled it around midnight and tried to run bare poles. Got Monte on course and put my head down for an hour. Found upon waking we were lying ahull, not an deal way to heave to (though in retrospect, I think it was fine). Tried bare poles with Otto. Same deal; just not enough speed to generate enough power on the rudder for the maximal steering needed to maintain a course in this swell.

Contemplated the drogue, but if I deploy that now, it will be days before I can retrieve it. So raised storm jib in straight 50 knots at around 2am (there is light at 2am!) and we have been chugging SE since. Think I now may understand Moitessier’s “no drogue, just keep going” philosophy.

Barometer slowly going up. Winds may be going down but 40 – 45 still the norm, and winds are due to remain strong here for some days.

Cabin temp, 48. Can’t be on deck for long without hands going numb.

All kinds of misshaps.
-Foreward Goiot hatch latch fell apart in my hand just before all this all started…had time for a very smart jury rig.
-Head has stopped working; I think it’s lost its prime given it’s through hull is out of the water frequently. This makes number two into a bucket the tactic–and a challenging one.
-My rework of Monte’s tiller lines (moved them forward on the tiller) fail in such strong winds when more leverage is needed. Have had to go back to the chain.
-Can’t open port sink valves because am on starbord tack and sink is no port, so haven’t done dishes in two days.

Everything wet, even with great care taken. Not much sleep in two days. Will try to catch up some this afternoon and before tonight.

I am utterly amazed by Mo; at core, she’s not the least bit uncomfortable. Over-canvassed now and again; steered poorly by me; knocked around by giant heavers, but the core boat is solid as a rock!

Please let this suffice as my report for the day.

Not online again. Afraid of getting computer wet.

I love you sweetie. More conversation when am out of this.

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  1. Good to hear all is well. Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. As a voyager I can feel the cold, the wet, the ragged fatigue. No matter how long these conditions last, Randall’s determination and strength will last longer!

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